Healthy Retreats
Additional Bundles

Glowing facials, wonderful wraps, indulgent and relaxing massages. We have put together a range of bundles that offer the best combinations of treatments to add to your stay, together with great savings. Please email for the latest offers.

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Healthy Retreats

Focus on your heath if you suffer from high blood pressure, sugar craving, Diabetes 2 , fatigue and the lack of strong will to gain control of your health. All of these symptoms respond to a better understanding to how you can change the habits of a life time. Do you feel your body is under par, our Healthy Retreats focus on mind, body and spirit.

All of our Detox Cleanses can trigger and transform your awareness to staying healthy. Controlling your Sugar intake is a number one priority as well as helping to reduce your blood pressure. Re-educate your body to accept a healthy lifestyle. The mind is one of the most powerful controlling factors, in what you eat, drink and think. Clearing the mind gives you clarity and the ability to listen to what works for your body. Meditation, relaxation, destressing and putting yourself first, empowers you to make changes. Tells us what you need and we are happy to advice you on a bespoke package.