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About Us

Simply Healing is a family run business. Headed up by the founder of Simply Healing Vivien Kay, and her daughter Caroline along with a small carefully selected group of staff many of whom have been with us for 10+ years. All of our packages have been put together by Vivien and Caroline combining their many years of experience, in what works best together to ensure a great all-round detox whilst resting, relaxing and retreating.

The Simply Healing Management Team maybe small, but we are all very passionate about what we do and dedicated to ensuring that all our guests achieve everything that they hope to during their stay with us. From that first email or phone contact right through to the minute you leave, we are here to help make that journey as easy and beneficial as possible. Made up of Vivien, Caroline, Kate and Carolyn, we ensure that all our guests receive our personal care throughout their stay.

We ensure that everyone is coping well with the detox process and if not, do everything we can to help the client through the process with lots of TLC.

Each juice is freshly made just before it is needed, and each juice will reflect what Vivien feels that the clients need at that particular stage in the process. Every juice will be different and there are no pre-made or pre-formulated juices, they really are tailored every time. Similarly each afternoon a fresh soup is made for that evening.

We like to ensure the smooth running of things, from your first contact, through to organising taxis and advising and scheduling treatments to ensure each and every client gets the maximum benefit from everyone. Much of the work to make your retreat as relaxing and beneficial as possible is done before you even arrive.

We are all dedicated to giving our clients a great experience, whether they are seasoned detoxers, or slightly hesitant first timers. We are on hand to guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you achieve everything that you possibly can from your retreat.

In addition to the management team, we have a handpicked small team of multi-skilled holistic therapists. Having a small, handpicked team ensures that clients receive a more personal stay, ensuring a great continuity in your treatments and you will more often than not, have the same therapist for more than one treatment. All team members are aware of the detox process and understand how you may be feeling, and what you might be going through. We never use Agency Staff to ensure a quality service at all times.

If there is anything else that we can do to help you through the detox process you only need to ask

About Alliblasters

“Alliblaster” – A strange and unusual name.
We thought so when we moved here so we set out to find out exactly what it means. We thought that originally it was called Alabaster House (like the type of marble) and that at some point in its history the name had been corrupted due to local dialect. This is not the case. Some investigation reveals that the word “Alliblaster” and the house’s original name is in fact an old French term for a crossbowman.

The site of this house has been lived on from the time of the Norman invasion and its final name seems to have stemmed from William Le Alblaster (1279).

The view from the garden is also uninterrupted to the South Downs (some 14 miles as the crow flies) and the Chanctonbury ring (a circular Roman hill fort now covered in trees) giving speculation that it was used as a semaphore post in Roman times. This is backed up with the discovery of a Fosse, or earth moat, in the field opposite.

The modern house you see today was built around the mid 1800s and can lay claim to one or two unique features. Firstly, it was one of the first houses in the country to have a form of central heating. This was steam powered and the water was taken from a deep well which is still outside the back door.

The second unusual feature was that it had an enclosed squash court with a glass roof. It was to the right of the house from the front elevation and was converted in the 1970s by the last owner Mrs Aitcheson, who ran the house as a retirement home until 1999.

Another curious fact about the house is that in the woods across the field lies a Pagan altar stone.

We purchased the house in 2000 and set about a lengthy and still ongoing restoration project. Being fortunate enough to occupy such a fabulous country house is an honour and we are constantly reinvesting in the maintenance and refurbishment of the property so that it will be here for another 200 years!