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All the latest updates from Simply Healing:

A little birdie told me…


The Robin, our messenger


“Vivien welcomes you into her home and you feel like part of the family. Your body and soul are well looked after and you come away a better person

The house is beautiful and full of amazing artefacts that Vivien (the owner) has gathered on her travels around the world – boy, did she have some fascinating stories to tell while we sat by the log fire with our herbal tea!

Vivien and her team are warm, caring, and knowledgable and do everything to make your stay ideal.

These are just a few of the comments we get about Vivien on a weekly basis – and anyone who has met her will agree that you just want to bottle her up and take her home with you. She’s magnetic and wise – yet will take no-nonsense. If you’re not living an authentic life and you need some guidance  – she’ll be pretty fearsome – but it’s all from love – she simply wants the best for everyone.

Her kind-hearted nature and years of wisdom will literally get behind you to help guide you down the right path – whether that’s regarding your health, your career, your relationships or just life in general.

People who walk through the doors of Simply Healing feel usually pretty lost yet within days of being in the house they have clarity and direction. Her years of wisdom and working in many countries and cultures as a renowned healer will simply give you the tools you need to help you create the life you want – but not without a scattering of humour and lightheartedness along the way. Humour is one of Viv’s best assets and there’s a lot of all the fun and laughter that goes on behind the scenes.


With Simply Healing soon reaching its 25th birthday – many personalities have walked through our doors, with many needs, wants and different issues and Vivien has been – and is there to hand-rear them all and give the guests everything they need. She respects those looking to change and wants nothing more than to help them. Ultimately, guests tend to come in on their knees – and dance out. She strives to create the most loving, caring and secure environment possible while you go through the process of cleaning out your toxins – whether these are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. I’m not here to run people’s lives’ explains Vivien. “I simply want to help them in a non-judgmental and loving way.”


If you haven’t done so already then why not sign up for part one of our Shamanic Emotional Healing Weekend (Friday 26th January – Sunday 28th January)?
Wearing her Shamanic hat, Vivien will guide you through the highly successful course that she devised in the 1990s – Vision Training. Not only that, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy all the Simply Healing facilities including the natural, cold-water outdoor pool, the endearing roaring fire as well as home-cooked light vegetarian meals.


We have just ONE space left – so if you’re interested in attending this very special weekend, please visit our website or call us on 01403822117, where we can give you all the details.

We hope to see you soon. Stay in touch and remember – that a smile is sometimes all it takes.


Vivien and The Simply Healing Team









Join our next Shamanic Emotional Healing Weekend – Friday 26th January – Sunday 28th January

Following on from her highly successful December Shamanic Weekend, our very own and very special Vivien has decided to run another Shamanic Emotional Healing Weekend from Friday 26th January – Sunday 28th January.

Based on her highly successful course that she devised in the 1990s – Vision Training, Vivien will be using her Shamanic wisdom and working on a shamanic level to help all guests throughout the course to help delve into the wounds that re-appear and the behavioural traits and situations that come with them. She’ll then help you walk away with the ideas and tools to work with so that you can particular manage anxiety, fear and stress and start to feel safe and aligned when it comes to moving forward in life.

The group will be very small and intimate with a maximum of 10 people and start at 5pm on Friday and finish by 2.30 pm on Sunday.

Here are just a few comments from some of our guests who took the course in December – and who will be coming back for more.
Lives were well and truly changed and they are ready to go deeper. We can’t wait to see them again.

“I’ve just returned from an ‘Emotional Healing Weekend’ at Simply Healing Detox Retreat…
And for anyone who wants to delve deep, in the most peaceful, protected and loving environment, this workshop is for you.
I’m always so keen to learn about the human condition, and mental wellness and how deep I can go in order to live life as my true authentic self.
Vivien Kay took our small and trusted group through several Shamanic exercises over the course of the weekend. We all came away, feeling lighter, brighter and with a deep understanding of the issues we wanted to address.
I’m feeling so grateful for the opportunity to experience such work.
Thank you, Viv and Kate”

If you’re interested in attending this very special weekend, please visit our website or call us on 01403822117, where we can give you all the details.

The cost is just £695 per person which includes accommodation and light vegetarian meals.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you

Love Vivien, Kate and the Simply Healing Team




What a month it’s been…..

Since opening our doors on the 6th July, we’ve seen and welcomed in an influx of past guests – and new, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the wonderful support and trust that you’ve put into Simply Healing after such an unnerving and unsettling few months.
Our heart goes out to those who’s suffered any heartache but from these devastating consequences and recent changes in the world, we really are grateful to be able to give people a new opportunity to look at their health in a new light – and trust all that Mother Nature has to offer. Our woodland walks for instance are even more mindful and thought-provoking than before as we have a new opportunity to see ponds, trees, flowers and wildlife in a truly wonderful way – we’ve seen a huge shift in the balance already and our guests and beyond are finally taking the time to appreciate everything that’s right under our noses – our eyes are open again.

….Which brings us to another set of regular guests – our lovely ladies in the picture – our cows. These guests are back for their usual annual stay as they enjoy the goodness from our organic meadow and grace us with their presence – another group of guests that have totally put their trust in Simply Healing and all we have to offer.
We’ve had such a wonderful time passing them on our daily walks and capturing them on our cameras and just enjoying their calm and serene nature.

Some other HUGE yet sad news is that our lovely Carolyn has now retired. After 15 years with us, we wished her well with a relaxing golf trip – a well-deserved break. As our regular guests and anyone else that met her will know, she has been the most amazing asset to Simply Healing – she really did conquer anything that was thrown at her with a smile. Her emergency toolbox (a.k.a her top drawer) and positive attitude will be hugely missed but we’re pretty certain she’ll be popping in every once in a while to keep Vivien in check!

 We’ve also been busy recruiting new staff – including our new in-house hypnotherapist, osteopath and nutritionist plus we have created a new 12-day “Just Juice Weight Loss” programme, which is ideal for those looking to blitz those stubborn lock down pounds and get back on that all-important path to health – because when we’re feeling good mentally and physically everything is achievable!

So before logging off to take care of our current guests we just wanted to remind you that we’re here for all your health and well-being needs and with us being just one hour from London, it couldn’t be easier to visit us.

 Here’s just a few things that our most recent guests have said about their post-lockdown stay with us

 “Simply Healing really is like being home.”

 “It’s been so great to be amongst like-minded people. I didn’t realise quite how much I’ve missed human interaction.”

 If you’d like to know more about the retreats, services and treatments we offer, please contact the office on info@simplyhealingcentre.com or call 01403 822117 and the team will be delighted to help with details of the programmes that are best for you and your current health goals

Best wishes,

Vivien and Team Simply Healing x

It’s Good To Be Back!


Thanks for a great first week…

It really is good to be back. We were so delighted to see some familiar faces last week. Your support means a lot, and it’s with your patience and adhering “to the rules” that our first five-day retreat ran like clockwork.

Of course though, times have changed, and yes we can say that although it all went tremendously well – it was also very interesting as our staff made sure that everything was majorly sanitized for each guest, we maintained social distancing on our walks and in our mediation and we accommodated just 6 guests rather that our usual numbers – but this storm shall pass and we’ll be up to full capacity again before we know it!

 That said, it meant we really got to spend quality time with every guest and the energy in the house was unreal – Alliblaster House was back to doing what it does best – sharing it’s magic!

If you haven’t managed to book your room with us as yet – don’t panic – just remember to keep your health high by

  • eating clean soups,
  • salads
  • vegetables
  • and fish

… and don’t forget mental health too – it’s just as important as your physical health. We have a choice to feel every feeling and it’s up to us to always change the negative in to positive; take that walk, take your time and enjoy the surroundings – nature is so healing. And don’t forget to SMILE! Just one smile to others is enough to change someone else’s day – and a good morning, a good afternoon or good evening can sometimes be just the connection needed to give you or someone else that positive boost no matter what their situation – what’s that saying….. “Smile to the world, and the world will smile back at you!”


So as we head into our second week we want to thank you all for your continued support – and let you know that our treatments are now available too – these fully compliment the Simply Healing detox process and we’re thrilled to have our beautiful therapists back.


If you want to learn more or discuss your next stay then please give us a call – we’ve been doing this for over 20 years now and can fully work with you no matter what your goal.


We can’t wait to see you.


Please visit our website for more details and available  dates – or email for details.







on the 6th July!

As we write our first ‘hello’ blog since The COVID-19 pandemic (with Viv in her hair rollers non the less!), we would like to reassure you that we haven’t been sitting here twiddling our thumbs during lockdown – quite the contrary.

Viv has worked since the ripe old age of 14 so having to take time out has some days felt tough on the mind, body and spirit, so instead of feeling lost and useless, we have instead used lockdown to go through old photos, revamp our kitchen, organise some builders to refresh the house and of course spend plenty of time in the kitchen trying out new juice and soup recipes for you all to enjoy on your return.

We’ve also enjoyed our daily walks (yes Viv too) and it goes without saying that we have also cleaned Alliblaster House within an inch of its life – and it’s not a small house by any means!

Among other things, in preparation for our reopening on the 6th July (subject to the Government’s go ahead), we have also come up with a reduced capacity plan so we can keep to social distancing regulations, and had a major rethink of our programmes – and although detoxing and cleansing is always going to be our speciality – BOOSTING will also be high on our priority list, so we now have a whole host of lotions and potions to help BOOST your immunity, as well as new daily herbal formulas plus we have a gorgeous, amazing new nutritionist on board who’s going to be giving you lots of valuable immune boosting ideas as well as ways to look after organs and make you feel the best possible version of yourself as we head into this new chapter.

So as we await our new guests and you await our doors to open let’s get super excited together – we have a revamped house waiting for you, delicious new recipes and concoctions – and a whole lot of love to help you reset for the new world and find your feet again.

As always please do give a call for a chat (01403 822117) – we can talk you through our plans and prices and talk you through any health and well-being goals that you would like to work through. We are also here to reassure past and new guests that we will be taking the reopening of our doors extremely seriously and providing the best and safest experience possible for us all.

We truly can’t wait to see you soon and for you to enjoy Simply Healing again.

Please visit our website for more details and available  dates – or email for details.








Having spent many years developing and creating wonderful freshly made juices and soups for our clients at ‘Simply Healing Juice Detox Retreats’ I would like to share with you all some quick and easy juice and soup recipes that will help to boost your immune system. The ingredients are easy to find, not expensive and will pep up your body in these difficult times.

The most important thing in my view is to stay positive, keep laughing and stay happy.

6 apples (stalks removed)
2 courgettes (topped and tailed)
1 /2 inch of ginger
Put through the juicer & stir. Can be served over ice to make a longer drink.


9 Apples (stalks removed)
6 sticks of Celery (topped and tailed)
1 Large cucumber
¼ of a cup of Basil leaves

Push through the juicer, makes enough to make 2 large glasses.


9 Green Apples (stalks removed)
9 celery Stalks (topped and tailed)
1 ¼ inches of Ginger
½ a Lemon

Put alternative chunks through the juicer.



1 Honey Dew Melon (peeled, seeded and chopped)
1 Small Pineapple (peeled & chopped)
½ a cup of Mint Leaves

Push through the juicer, stir pour into 2 large glasses and enjoy.



Sit and relax, destress, clear your mind to enjoy the lovely combinations of fruits. This is not a hurry-up juice.
½ a small pineapple (peeled and chopped)
6 Kiwi Fruits
½ a cup of Mint leaves
¾ inch of Ginger

This will makes 2 medium sized glasses.


With the wind and rain and lack of sun over the last few weeks our bodies are missing out on Vitamin C & Vitamin D etc. so boosting your immune system with juices that go straight into the blood stream is an easy way to absorb the Vitamins that you may be lacking.

Take time to listen to your body when you are on Toxic overload your body is letting you know what it doesn’t need, so listen to it !!!

As you are not walking or exercising as you normally would be I recommend smaller portions every two hours to keep your blood sugar balanced. This will help your body reregulate.

Feel free to email me if there is anything that you feel that I can help you with.

Keep safe and well,

Stay safe in this un-presidented time of COVID19. We look forward to seeing you when the coast is clear

Stay safe in this unpresidented time of COVID19. We look forward to seeing you when the coast is clear.

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise !!! Mother nature is trying very hard to break through and cheer us up.

The advice from ‘Simply Healing ‘ to stay safe is to up your Vitamin C to a high dose by juicing or eating lots of fruits like Kiwi , Oranges & Carrots to name but a few in your daily diet.

I’m sure you have been surfing the net looking for ideas. ‘Simply Healing Detox Retreats’ have been in existence for 20 years during which time we have experienced all of the different aspects of nature at her best and worst & we are always amazed at how everything recovers.

Staying positive, hand washing and being sensible about where you go & who you mix with is the best advice because we are all in the same boat.

The clients that we have here at the moment are protected and guided to the best way to look after themselves when they leave for home.

Check our Diary for opening times or give us a call if you would like to discuss a visit.

Have a Happy time with your Mum this Sunday !!! there is always a way to connect.


What a lovely surprise on our 20th birthday

 Oh my goodness !! What a lovely surprise we have had on our 20th Birthday, ‘The Telegraph’ gave us an amazing review in their top 50 best Spa and Wellness holidays. Titled ‘Spa Breaks that will change your life’. To read the full article go to: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/hotels/articles/the-worlds-most-amazing-spa-breaks/

Voted number 9 in the world is a major achievement for our family run Detox Retreat that has been a passion and a commitment from Vivien for the last 30 years. To say she has seen and heard it all would be an understatement. Her inspiration comes from the ‘before and after’ of each individual client. Positive, upbeat, laughter and tears are all part of that special something that makes ‘Simply Healing’ what it is. We could write some amazing stories but that will be for Vivien’s Book when she finally slows down !!!!

Vivien has developed along the way a great team of therapists and staff who are totally in tune with what ’Simply Healing’ does. ‘Simply Healing’ tends to attract a lot of clients who need nurturing and support while they are going through the healthy changes in life that they need to make.

‘Temple Spa’ has been a great addition to the programmes with their natural products. Vivien is especially happy that we encourage men to look after their health, once they have had some of Vivien’s magic they are easily converted to look after themselves.

So this is a little story: Kevin came reluctantly with his wife for a 10 day stay who advised us that he wasn’t too sure and probably wouldn’t enjoy the experience. So for warned of this Vivien went about finding if he liked building fires and keeping them going. His eyes lit up and he said ‘yes’ so as we have 4 rooms with log fires and it was cold that week she gave him the job of our ‘fire keeper’ . He then found logs that had not been split and promptly asked for a small axe to do this for her. We are so grateful to Kevin who not only kept the fires glowing but re stocked the log shed. He was thrilled at the ‘Weigh Out’ that he had lost 14lbs so he was a very happy client and his wife was astonished at his commitment once he was here. We find that a lot of the men do like to light fires etc. and we would really like in the future one who would like to clean all the windows !!!! well you can imagine we have 42 rooms here so that would entail a very long stay with us !!!

We are happy to talk you through any of our programmes so give us a call as there is always someone here to chat. Telephone 01403 822117.





Health and Wellbeing Should Be Your Top Priority



 The Telegraph has just announced The 50 Best Spa & Wellness Holidays and we are very proud to say that we have been voted Number 9 in the world……

This is a huge achievement for Vivien and the whole team at ‘Simply Healing’ as we are also going to be celebrating our 21st year here.

We would like to thank all our returning guests who love everything that we do here.  Ofcourse we would also like to welcome those who have not been to us before., Our testimonial page says it all !!

So far this January we have been beavering away in the kitchen producing many new juice and soup formulas.  

A warm welcome awaits all our guests. We had a two day shut down for an early spring Clean  and as usual our team of builders, gardeners and maintenance folk did there work. Living us sparkiling inside and oand out !!!!!

This is what we offer you a clean body which will sparkle inside and out. 




Health and Wellbeing Should Be Your Top Priority


Makes 2 Jam Jars
Perp. 15 mins
Cooking time 50min
Keeps for 3 months.

• 8 Large Figs (green or ripe purple)
• 4 fresh or dried Apricots
• 2 medium Onions (peeled & roughly chopped)
• 1tsp each of salt, whole allspice, coriander seeds
• 150ml each of malt vinegar & cider vinegar
• 250g light Muscovado sugar
• 2 jam jars (sterilised)

Cut the figs into chunks, discarding the stalks. Stone & roughly chop the apricots. Put the fruit in a preserving pan with the rest of the ingredients (apart from the sugar).
Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally until the onion is tender. Turn off the heat and stir in the sugar until it dissolves. The chutney is ready when a spoon drawn through it makes a clear path on the bottom of the pan and is not watery. Pour into jars while hot, seal and label.


Kate as usual had us completely baffled by her comment the other day.
‘Now’ I know why Adam & Eve used fig leaves to cover up there modesty ’. I was completely baffled by this one off comment !! She meant of course because fig leaves were so big. This sent us both into convulsive laughter as at the time she was climbing up the fig tree to pick the plumpest the ripest and the sweetest figs for our Fig & Apricot Chutney.

We are always looking for recipes that are low GI, simple to make and also easy to find the ingredients. It could not be any easier for us than the fig trees outside the front door. With the basket overflowing (as the tree was very fertile this year) we decided to be very resourceful with a plan to use the figs up before the frost arrived.

Carolyn from the desk was roped in to look for recipes that would be suitable for those with a touch of diabetes that needed something a little sweet. Having trolled through all the books in the kitchen and most of the internet Kate decided to come up with her own recipe as she loves to make thinks like chutney. So between making the juices, dishing out the supplements and soup for our guests Kate quietly got on with her homemade chutney.

It was absolutely delicious (in the past tense as most of it has already been consumed). Viv & Kate would like to share with you a little something different to add to your Christmas fayre.