The Robin, our messenger


“Vivien welcomes you into her home and you feel like part of the family. Your body and soul are well looked after and you come away a better person

The house is beautiful and full of amazing artefacts that Vivien (the owner) has gathered on her travels around the world – boy, did she have some fascinating stories to tell while we sat by the log fire with our herbal tea!

Vivien and her team are warm, caring, and knowledgable and do everything to make your stay ideal.

These are just a few of the comments we get about Vivien on a weekly basis – and anyone who has met her will agree that you just want to bottle her up and take her home with you. She’s magnetic and wise – yet will take no-nonsense. If you’re not living an authentic life and you need some guidance  – she’ll be pretty fearsome – but it’s all from love – she simply wants the best for everyone.

Her kind-hearted nature and years of wisdom will literally get behind you to help guide you down the right path – whether that’s regarding your health, your career, your relationships or just life in general.

People who walk through the doors of Simply Healing feel usually pretty lost yet within days of being in the house they have clarity and direction. Her years of wisdom and working in many countries and cultures as a renowned healer will simply give you the tools you need to help you create the life you want – but not without a scattering of humour and lightheartedness along the way. Humour is one of Viv’s best assets and there’s a lot of all the fun and laughter that goes on behind the scenes.


With Simply Healing soon reaching its 25th birthday – many personalities have walked through our doors, with many needs, wants and different issues and Vivien has been – and is there to hand-rear them all and give the guests everything they need. She respects those looking to change and wants nothing more than to help them. Ultimately, guests tend to come in on their knees – and dance out. She strives to create the most loving, caring and secure environment possible while you go through the process of cleaning out your toxins – whether these are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. I’m not here to run people’s lives’ explains Vivien. “I simply want to help them in a non-judgmental and loving way.”


If you haven’t done so already then why not sign up for part one of our Shamanic Emotional Healing Weekend (Friday 26th January – Sunday 28th January)?
Wearing her Shamanic hat, Vivien will guide you through the highly successful course that she devised in the 1990s – Vision Training. Not only that, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy all the Simply Healing facilities including the natural, cold-water outdoor pool, the endearing roaring fire as well as home-cooked light vegetarian meals.


We have just ONE space left – so if you’re interested in attending this very special weekend, please visit our website or call us on 01403822117, where we can give you all the details.

We hope to see you soon. Stay in touch and remember – that a smile is sometimes all it takes.


Vivien and The Simply Healing Team