Oh, have we been busy! We’ve been polishing and dusting, buffing them up and sending them home in tip top condition. The testimonials are an indication of how toxic, stressed and tired people really are. Testimonials from Clair and Caroline are just two of the many comments and stories that we have received recently (you can read more stories on the testimonials page on our website).

My philosophy is hard work always pays – me and the girls have been pushing, pulling, cajoling and soothing the very toxic bodies that arrive to us. I’d like to tell you a story about one lovely lady in particular who spent 16 days with us. She arrived unable to walk or climb the stairs, she was six stone overweight and was very unhappy. She had a carrier bag full of pills and potions and as she flopped on the bed after a four hour drive to us our hearts went out to her. Why would she allow herself to totally lack self-preservation? I said to the girls ‘roll up your sleeves – we have a big task on here.’

After a couple of days we realised that she was unable to sleep at night so her body clock was never understanding the time of day. The first three days she found it so difficult to find any energy to walk or participate but gradually as she started to lose weight and detox we saw this beautiful woman emerging which helped us to keep the momentum going. We arranged different activities and treatments with no cat-napping allowed to give her body clock time to readjust. She was soon sleeping throughout the night, helping to break the cycle that she had got into.

By walking in the day to enhance her treatments suddenly she got it, and embraced the detox plan fully. She was now brighter, clearer and having a conversation with her family which she hadn’t done for many years. Her confidence was returning and the walks became longer; the weight was dropping off fast. Her biggest desire was to attend her daughter’s wedding in a beautiful outfit that she felt a million dollars in, being able to walk from the car park to the church and back, and the thought of being able to dance the night away. By the middle of the second week she was doing three hour walks in our beautiful countryside up hill and down dale. One of her concerns was how she was going to continue outside of Simply Healing so we gave her lots of information and support to help her keep up the positive effects of her hard work.

The end result for her was a totally new way of looking after herself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As we waved goodbye we all knew that she would continue her quest for health and happiness and we all wished her well with the satisfaction of a good job well done.

Enjoy the weather (imagine yourself walking along a country lane on a sunny, warm day without a care in the world),