In my days spent in the mountain rainforests of Hawaii I was invited by a local family into their inner sanctum. Soon I became really aware of how well the women looked after each other, groomed each other and supported each other. They would sit on the beach just brushing each other’s hair and massaging each other’s bodies. The most wonderful visual image that I can remember is four women laying their sister or cousin down on a bed of rocks with the sea washing over her gently in waves. I realised that they were using the energy of the waves to massage her body: as the water came in their hands would go one way, and as it went out they would go the other. The whole rhythm of nature and the sea was part of this ritual. As an observer coming from a European perspective, where we don’t take care of our sisters or cousins in this way, I was very touched to see this caring family.

I asked the women why they did this and they said that their sister was trying to have a baby. This is the moment when I really started to understand the deep need for some women to carry a child. I soon became really interested in how it worked. They explained that the lower (sacral) part of the body becomes congested and this particular massage helps to decongest it. As part of my healing journey of many years I went every Sunday for six weeks to be with this family to see what the outcome was. And I was struck by how keen everyone was to share their traditional techniques with me. I put all that I’d learned into one of those boxes in my brain and knew that one day it would be developed.

There’s a time and place for everything. Having found a teacher in the UK that offered training in Abdominal Sacral Massage, using a style that embraced some of the Hawaiian techniques that I had experienced, we decided to send our girls Florence, Nicky and Aor to train. I had a strong feeling that this treatment would become a major therapy for all kinds of ongoing lower body problems.

Having offered abdominal sacral massage now since August, we’ve seen amazing results. And even better are the reactions from our clients – we’ve even been told by one that ‘every woman should have a course of these’.

Just to check that my girls were doing OK, I decided to have a course of the Abdominal Sacral Massage myself. After the first treatment with Florence I felt my sacral area was so free that I could have gone out and done a Zumba class (well…almost)! I’m continuing with this treatment to see how effective it is for women with a variety of ailments like heavy or painful periods, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and unexplained infertility. We’re so excited with the results that we’re now seeing that we’ve added a course of three to our Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan.