Autumn is a time of change. We have taken this opportunity to introduce some new detox plans at Simply Healing. Out with the old and in with the new!

We have been researching, testing, trying, arranging and organising with our wonderful team of therapists to work out the very best plan for you. We have been covered in oils, creams and wrapped up like mummies to double check that it all works to perfection and I am really pleased to tell you that it does. Here’s Kate testing the new detox wrap… Happy Halloween!

Go to our website for more information on our 5 day Essential plus The 7 day Inch and Weight Loss, The 5 day Inch and Weight Loss, The Fertility Enhancement and The Weekend Detox Retreat. We have created ‘bundles’ of extra treatments for you to choose from that will help create your own personalised experience. Our lovely clients arrive exhausted and go home elated with their achievements, returning home relaxed and ready to start whichever new regime they have chosen.

The physical body changes with the seasons so after a (hopefully) energetic summer it’s time to focus on getting ready for the long winter months. We have been putting away our tractor (mini, as you can see) and tidying up the garden – or Tom and Ian our gardeners have been. They have also been busy logging as we have been lucky enough this year to have enough logs from our own woodlands to keep us warm through the coming winter. Glowing log fires are a good way to cosy down while you let us take care of those unwanted toxins.

Kate has been supervising our beautiful woodland walks – with her trusty camera at the ready, as you can see from the photos. The trees and plants are all changing and the beautiful pagan altar stone has been caught to perfection by Kate’s photograph showing a late afternoon autumn sun.

And here’s just one of our recent testimonials:

“We came in overweight, stressed out and unfit and left rejuvenated, happy and healthy. A miracle, and a wonderful start to a healthy life.”
Prue and Tom (September 2012)

Their words, not ours! This is what makes all our efforts worthwhile.

If you’re in the mood for curling up by the fire in a soft rug reading a good book, you know where to find us!