Detoxing is a very important part of staying healthy for the winter months ahead.

Viv and Kate have had great fun deep in the heart of the West Sussex countryside having been told of a local produce grower who grows giant size vegetables.

It was a lovely sunny day in the country lanes of West Sussex when they told us they were having a refreshing few hours away !!

Having turned off the Sat Nav. (because Viv knew better) they promptly lost their way !! Apparently the scenic route was a beauty to behold (oh yeah, they say that now !!), arriving at their destination they were in awe of the size, the smell and the taste of the lovely vegetables that were picked for them.

Giant Beetroots, Pumpkins, oversized Onions, Sweet Potatoes to name just a few. It was indeed a real gem of a find and we have now put our orders in for next year’s fresh produce from this grower.

On their return to us they promptly made a Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup which all the guests absolutely loved. We are now enjoying watching the two of them stirring up the pots in the kitchen, and conjuring up new recipes for the winter ahead.