Makes 2 Jam Jars
Perp. 15 mins
Cooking time 50min
Keeps for 3 months.

• 8 Large Figs (green or ripe purple)
• 4 fresh or dried Apricots
• 2 medium Onions (peeled & roughly chopped)
• 1tsp each of salt, whole allspice, coriander seeds
• 150ml each of malt vinegar & cider vinegar
• 250g light Muscovado sugar
• 2 jam jars (sterilised)

Cut the figs into chunks, discarding the stalks. Stone & roughly chop the apricots. Put the fruit in a preserving pan with the rest of the ingredients (apart from the sugar).
Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally until the onion is tender. Turn off the heat and stir in the sugar until it dissolves. The chutney is ready when a spoon drawn through it makes a clear path on the bottom of the pan and is not watery. Pour into jars while hot, seal and label.


Kate as usual had us completely baffled by her comment the other day.
‘Now’ I know why Adam & Eve used fig leaves to cover up there modesty ’. I was completely baffled by this one off comment !! She meant of course because fig leaves were so big. This sent us both into convulsive laughter as at the time she was climbing up the fig tree to pick the plumpest the ripest and the sweetest figs for our Fig & Apricot Chutney.

We are always looking for recipes that are low GI, simple to make and also easy to find the ingredients. It could not be any easier for us than the fig trees outside the front door. With the basket overflowing (as the tree was very fertile this year) we decided to be very resourceful with a plan to use the figs up before the frost arrived.

Carolyn from the desk was roped in to look for recipes that would be suitable for those with a touch of diabetes that needed something a little sweet. Having trolled through all the books in the kitchen and most of the internet Kate decided to come up with her own recipe as she loves to make thinks like chutney. So between making the juices, dishing out the supplements and soup for our guests Kate quietly got on with her homemade chutney.

It was absolutely delicious (in the past tense as most of it has already been consumed). Viv & Kate would like to share with you a little something different to add to your Christmas fayre.