Hello everyone, and welcome! I’m Vivien, founder of Simply Healing Centre.

Much to everyone’s relief, I’m finally moving into the 21st century – with our new Simply Healing blog!

My mother always told me I could talk the hind legs off a donkey. It’s true, I do love to talk – so this is the perfect place for me to share my years of experience with past, present and future clients, without having to sit down and write my autobiography! I’m prone to overworking and can never find time to dig out the photos and all that’s necessary to create a book – but you never know…

As well as revealing all the fun and laughter that goes on behind the scenes here and updating you on our latest developments, programmes and treatments, this blog will let you into the Simply Healing kitchen with my monthly fresh juice and raw food recipes.

Now, as we all know, things can sometimes go awry in the kitchen. Recently one of my family members brought their brand new little puppy dog to Simply Healing for the day. Having just made nine fresh beetroot, carrot, apple and fennel juices, I left for two minutes to answer the phone and came back to find that the puppy had wolfed down half of the contents of one of the glasses – without spilling a drop. You can imagine the shrieks of laughter as my grandson said, ‘we’ve got a dog that likes detox juices, Nanna!’ We poured the rest of the juice in to her bowl, and Poppy promptly finished it off, licking her lips. With Poppy the puppy’s approval, we knew we were on to a winning recipe!

We have so many fantastic times here at Simply Healing – highs and challenges – but always, ultimately, highs, from the clients that come in on their knees and dance out. The team and I strive to create the most loving, caring and secure environment possible while you go through the process of cleaning out your toxins – whether these are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

As a reflection of this, we’re privileged to have been nominated for another award. We are finalists in the Good Spa Guide Awards, for the Best Spa in the South East.

Looking to the future, I’m really excited to announce that we’re creating two new detox programmes for you: a Seven Day Health Programme, and a Seven Day Weight and Inch Loss Programme. Like all of our programmes, our newest additions will bring together a wealth of knowledge and wonderful therapists who support the nurturing ethos of Simply Healing.

Finally, to prove just how far we’re moving into the 21st century, you can now follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all the latest Simply Healing updates.

Don’t forget, we’re here to help. Don’t sit on that health question you’ve always wanted answering: just give us a call!

Happy juicing!