It is a real pleasure for me to have many strings to my bow. I am honoured to be part of a major bestselling book by Alex and Marcus Lewis, two clients that I have been involved with at various times for the last twenty years, helping Alex to unravel his life. The promotion of Tell Me Who I Am, which is out now, was a very powerful indicator of how the media works. In Alex’s interview with the BBC last Thursday he mentioned my name as his therapist for many years. Almost immediately the Simply Healing phones started ringing and the emails started pouring in. Clients who I hadn’t heard from for twenty five years got in touch, reminding me of the many who have sought my assistance in healing from within. A little reminder to me of the work I have done and how important healing our pasts is in order to have a happy future. This is just one of my many, many stories – one day I am sure that I will find the time to put pen to paper and record it all.