High Winds , falling trees, no electric and teaming rain, lucky for us we are snuggled up by the fires , generator going & all hands on deck. Our clients are having a lovely blissful stay. Daffodils arrived early and the meadow is a carpet of yellow, when the sun does come out ! it will be a beautiful sight. In the meantime Vivien is busy in the kitchen developing Juices & Soups for the Spring everybody is participating in the tasting process something that we all enjoy. She is always looking for unique recipes and healthy ideas that our clients love. I don’t think we have ever had any comments about ‘yuck’ or ‘urgh’ mind you some of them find the green juices hard to swallow but after a few days of Detoxing they absolutely fall in love with even the green juices. Vivien has always got a little surprise up her sleeve & it never ceases to amaze people what she comes up with. Watch this space for more Spring recipes. The new Yoga/ exercise room is a big hit especially it’s under floor heating. It is calming atmosphere is the perfect place to meditate.


A QUICK & EASY JUICE to make. Can also help to calm the symptoms of PMS.
This is just one of the many juices that we would be recommending whilst you are with us.

5 Plums (halved & stoned)
1 knob (1 1/2 inches) Fresh Ginger (peeled & chopped into chunks)
25 Raspberries

Press alternative chunks of Plum, Ginger & Raspberries through the Juicer. Stir & drink immediately. further Recipes and Juices can be found on our ‘face book’ & blog pages.

Sit back & Enjoy!