We have returning guests that love certain rooms. They have been before and have their favourite rooms that give them that wonderful home from home feeling, where they can’t wait to get in, unwind, and make themselves a herbal tea.

And then the fun begins, because they know their way around, they know what to expect and they can help those that are new and are nervous along the way. They reassure them that the colonics are amazing, the treatments are fantastic, and the juices are sublime. Everyone helps the newcomers to ease in gently. For those that return – we’re very privileged to have so many return guests, who know exactly what therapies they love and are happy to see what new ones we’ve developed – there are always new recipes and treatments for them to try out and enjoy.

We all inspire our guests to go home and maintain the feeling of wellbeing and we love the feedback and all the emails that they send stating they’ve lost even more weight, their energy’s great, they’re getting comments from friends, family and colleagues complimenting them on how great they look – and good news travels fast.

And soon new clients become old friends and before we know it, they’re recommending us to others and making Simply Healing part of their yearly health regime.

Thank you all for spreading the word to your friends and family so that they can also enjoy optimum health. It’s a real joy for me to see how people connect over the common theme of detoxing their health and their happiness. They make friends, they share emails, tweet each other and in a lot of cases they plan to return together so that they can catch up on what they’ve been doing since our last visit.

Looking forward to sunny days and long summer nights with you all – and one chore that I will not miss when this chilly spell is over is what the house parlour maid had to do in the olden days – cleaning out the fireplaces every morning!