OK, it’s official – I do go off the track once in a while! Off I went shopping for a small side table and came back with an elephant or two – as you do! I once went to buy a bed and also bought a full kitchen so my family are not too surprised.

What a turn-up. Charlie and I had a day to shop and we both fell in love with these two elephants built of driftwood – they now stand in the long grass on the lawn looking magnificent and much admired by everyone.

The sun is out, the sky is blue, sunbeds all in a row overlooking the masterpiece that is nature.

I am happy to say that our menopause programme is proving to be hugely successful in helping so many of you with the menopausal symptoms that most women have to deal with. We are planning to take it one step further and offer our clients a more in-depth insight to how their hormones work, but more on this later. Watch this space! There is a little saying from the team at Simply Healing that when Vivien shakes her sleeve something magical comes out!

But for now, we’ve got elephants…