Are you trying to keep up those promises that you made to yourself to start 2019 by putting your best foot forward to stay healthy, focused and relaxed. I wonder how many of you have after a few days forgotten those promises you made ? It is so easy when life gets in the way to implement those good deeds. I only make one resolution so that I don’t feel guilty about missing it (so far so good !!), to take at least one juice as a meal per day. Giving my body a nice rest ( your body would like that also ) from all the rich foods that you might have indulged in over the Festive season. Taking a walk in the fresh air also helps one to focus. I have put all these things in to practice so watch this space …..

Kate and I have been slaving away in the kitchen developing and creating some new nourishing, healthy Detoxing Soups which we will over the course of the next few months be adding to our face book page for you to also enjoy.

Here at ‘Simply Healing’ we are always looking to create interesting programmes that support Detoxing as well as Mind, Body and Spirit along with a sense of Wellness. With this in mind we have a new Yoga Room with under floor heating (no more cold church halls) only the best for our Detoxing clients. Ali is the Yoga teacher who is passionate about all that we do here, she has fitted in with the team as if she has always been here. We can now offer Yoga Classes as well as private one to one sessions. This adds to our gentle exercise space which still includes are Chi Machine and Power Plates. We also have a Walking/Running Machine so that on those cold snowy or rainy days light exercise is still available to help you to achieve your goal. We had an amazing 2018 with lots of goals reached with our clients for weight loss, healthier lifestyles, reducing blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and also cholesterol plus of course getting pregnant.

Adding to our programmes for 2019 is Hypnotherapy for anxiety , portion control and general health plus Acupuncture which is helpful for stubborn pains like backache and headaches plus ongoing pain . Our Testimonial page is heart warming and encouraging and a testament to the whole hard working team at ‘Simply Healing’. We are so proud of all of our clients who put their trust in us and they in turn sing our praises with lovely reviews, so we thank you all for this.