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All the latest updates from Simply Healing:

How to cope with the change of weather !!!

At Simply Healing we are always ready for all weather conditions. Log fires in the hallway and log fires in the lounge plus cosy throws to snuggle up with.

Afford yourself the luxury of a Power Breakfast & Nutritional Scrub & Mask in one, just one of the many amazing treatments that we offer from Temple Spa here at Simply healing.

Freshly made seasonal vegetable and fruit juices throughout the day plus a warming soup for supper.

Lettuce Pea and Mint Soup

1 pint of organic stock
2 medium onions chopped
1 teaspoon of olive oil to soften onions
250g fresh or frozen peas
½ a large iceberg lettuce chopped
5 or 6 mint leaves to taste

Soften onions in the bottom of a large pan with olive oil, add the stock and the peas and simmer for 10 minutes – or until the shells are soft, add the lettuce and bring to the boil. Take off the heat and then once it has cooled slightly add the mint and blend, once blended return to the heat and bring to required temperature.

A quick and easy delicious Simply Healing Soup Recipe .

Spring Clean from the inside what ever the weather …… but who knows the sun beds are at the ready.

Good News For Spring !!!!

Spring Cleaning is a foot at Simply Healing. We have been preparing the start of our new partnership with Temple Spa. A luxury brand of treatments and products.
Enjoy our Retreat and be calm with this luxurious face mask…….

We feel that Spring is a good way to launch something that is beautifully created which will enhance your Detox with us. Like us they are a West Sussex based family run company that has been 20 years in the making and we are very well suited, believing in the same ethos which is toxic free produce and products.

We are offering 12 fabulous treatments that enhance our packages to offer our clients luxury additional treatments. There is this old cliche ‘wow factor’ but these like us are the real deal.

Afford yourself a luxury Detox. Don’t take our word for it go to our website to read what our clients say in their own testimonials.

Call us for a chat about which programme is best for you. We offer 5, 7 & 10 Day Detoxes with a starting price of 1,350 GBP.We would love to hear from you……

Easter Weekend Detox

Friday 19th April – Sunday 21st

Start your Spring Clean here with us at ‘Simply Healing’ – 20 years of helping people to Spring Clean their bodies.

We are offering a Friday to Sunday Special Easter Weekend Break – 3 inclusive treatments, 5 juices a day plus herbal formulas and supplements . Extra treatments can be added of Facial treatments, Body Wraps , Hypnotherapy, Massages, Acupuncture, Colonic Hydrotherapy and more…

This is a shortened version of our highly successful 7 day cleanse.

Take yourselves away from the temptations of Chocolates and any other indulgencies you may have!!!

Beautiful walks in the near by Bluebell Woods.

Double En-suite Rooms plus Super King Rooms available.

We are here to help you start a new regime . Feel free to give us a call on 01403 822117 for further information or send us an email to info@simplyhealingcentre.com

Sometimes in life a helping hand is all that you need so why not spend Easter here with us!!!

March is living up to it’s name…


High Winds , falling trees, no electric and teaming rain, lucky for us we are snuggled up by the fires , generator going & all hands on deck. Our clients are having a lovely blissful stay. Daffodils arrived early and the meadow is a carpet of yellow, when the sun does come out ! it will be a beautiful sight. In the meantime Vivien is busy in the kitchen developing Juices & Soups for the Spring everybody is participating in the tasting process something that we all enjoy. She is always looking for unique recipes and healthy ideas that our clients love. I don’t think we have ever had any comments about ‘yuck’ or ‘urgh’ mind you some of them find the green juices hard to swallow but after a few days of Detoxing they absolutely fall in love with even the green juices. Vivien has always got a little surprise up her sleeve & it never ceases to amaze people what she comes up with. Watch this space for more Spring recipes. The new Yoga/ exercise room is a big hit especially it’s under floor heating. It is calming atmosphere is the perfect place to meditate.


A QUICK & EASY JUICE to make. Can also help to calm the symptoms of PMS.
This is just one of the many juices that we would be recommending whilst you are with us.

5 Plums (halved & stoned)
1 knob (1 1/2 inches) Fresh Ginger (peeled & chopped into chunks)
25 Raspberries

Press alternative chunks of Plum, Ginger & Raspberries through the Juicer. Stir & drink immediately. further Recipes and Juices can be found on our ‘face book’ & blog pages.

Sit back & Enjoy!

Sunday morning breakfast treat…

2 handfuls of Blueberries

1 Small punnet Strawberries

1/2 a small Avocado

1/2a Kiwi Fruit

1 handful of Muesli

6 Walnuts (chopped)

200 ml Almond Milk

A small drizzle of Honey

Prepare Strawberries & Blueberries, peel and slice Avocado and Kiwi. Arrange all the ingredients decoratively in a large bowl or glass and serve with the cold Almond Milk.

How lucky we have been with the most amazing mornings, the mist rolling over the hills, the sun comes out and clears away the mist. definitely a new Spring on its way, hoorah….

The combination I have put together is in most peoples fridges, just a different way to start to your day. Variety is the spice of life as they say, take the time to experiment with different combinations of fruits and vegetables and you will be surprised how delicious they are when put together in a different way.

Time to love yourself…

Valentines day is about putting yourself first so start your day thinking about you. Why not start Valentines day with an energising juice or a bowl of fruit. Chose the fruits that you really love rather than what you have left in the fridge. Prepare a little snack for mid morning for example a handful of almonds or grapes. A colourful Salad for lunch and take time out to enjoy. Afternoon break a nice juicy pear or nuts and seeds. Time to go home, get out of those work clothes and put on your casuals and enjoy this juice.

Make this Valentine’s sparkle juice, sit down put your feet up and listen to your favourite music. An ideal day for reflection, we have everything we need in life if only we care to look for it.

1 Honey Dew Melon

2 x Sharon Fruits

1 x Small wedge of Lemon

1 x Small Mango

With a little bit of love from Viv & the ‘Simply Healing’ team

Come & spend Valentine’s Day with us… Love is all around so why not come and share it with us.

Take time out & treat yourself to our 5 Day Juice Detox Retreat. Let the ‘Simply Healing Team’ take care of you & shake off those cold Winter days. Create your inner glow and your radiance within to bring that sparkle back into your life. We promote confidence & strength & we will help you to change those things that block you in daily life.

Wednesday 13th February – Sunday 17th February this includes several treatments & of course all of Viv’s famous Juices & Soups.

I absolutely love this picture as it represents all that we offer here at ‘Simply Healing ‘ and more… Push all of the ingredients in the picture through the juicer and savour the flavour……

For more information just give us a call on 01403 822117

Dreaming of a sunny climate, preferably the Caribbean…

1 Large Yellow Pepper ( deseeded and cut in half inch squares)
1 ½ Cucumbers ( quartered , deseeded , peeled and cut into half inch slices)
2 Slices of Fresh Pineapple (chopped)
2 Spring Onions (chopped)
1 Small fresh Red Chilli (deseeded and finely chopped)
Handful of fresh Coriander Leaves to garnish

Dressing: Juice of 1 Lemon, 1 teaspoon of Jerk seasoning, 1 tablespoon of Grape Oil

Put Pineapple, Spring Onions, Cucumber, Yellow Pepper and Chilli into a bowl.

Pour dressing over the salad and scatter coriander leaves over the top.

Now, just imagine swimming in an azure blue sea with palm trees waving in a light breeze……. this is the image that comes to mind while I’m having a wonderful Hot Stone Massage in the nice, warm & cosy Gold treatment room at ‘Simply Healing’.

Soothe away that feeling of over load !!!

1 Large Pear
3 ½ ozs. of Cucumber ( roughly chopped)
1 Green Apple
6 Fresh Mint leaves
1 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel

Feed the Pear, chopped Cucumber and Apple through the juicer with the Mint leaves. Pour into a glass, add the Aloe Vera Gel and stir thoroughly.

Cucumber nourishes you with Vitamin AB && C to help your immunity, it gives you energy and keeps you radiant plus stabilises your blood pressure plus many , many more health benefits – in other words a great all rounder

Good old fashioned remedy: place a couple of slices over your eyes to help those winter bags disappear

Gaining control…

Blood Sugar running totally out of control what could I do about it but go back to basics.

I had a little moment when I realised that my body wasn’t performing as it normally does. So I checked my blood pressure and cholesterol and my blood sugar. Blood sugar had gone through the roof. Oh dear and I thought I had been very good in controlling my sugar intake. This clearly wasn’t so…. I decided to take a few days to jiggle my eating habits. I started portion control , taking out carbs, went on to soups , juices and salads and good old fashioned water (strictly no caffeine). Just 4 days later my sugar levels were near to normal and I was full of energy and vitality. I broke my fast with a delicious salad made up of the following ingredients:

1/2 a pack of Feta Cheese

1/2 an Avocado

1 large wedge of Cucumber

2 sticks of Celery (chopped)

2 Cherry tomatoes

4 White Grapes (chopped)

Small handful of Walnuts (chopped and sprinkled on top)

1 tablespoon of Virgin olive oil

1/2 a Lemon (juiced)

1 Toasted Wholemeal Pitta Bread

Put ingredients into a large bowl, stirred around, added a measuring of Mediterranean herbs which I sprinkled on top . I then left for 1/2 an hour. Toasted the wholemeal pitta bread, opened up the Pitta and filled with the salad.

There was enough for 2 so Kate and I had a little feast with our feet up my the log fire…yum