Last week it was colonic hydrotherapy they were having a dig at, this week homeopathy (we’ve just read this in the Daily Mail) – what will it be next week? All this seems to be aimed at undermining the intelligence of people who want to take control of their health.

I don’t normally get on a soapbox, I work by example. When clients come and meet us all at Simply Healing and ask about the treatments we provide for their health and wellbeing we put their minds at rest by explaining how it all works, and this is one of the things that encourages them to come back every year, every six months or every three months to detox with us. Educating people in how they can help themselves is the way forward.

Helping yourself doesn’t mean popping to the doctors every time you feel that your body isn’t working. We’ve been told for too long that we don’t have the answers but that doctors and so-called medical professionals do. Opening people’s minds to all the possibilities is my philosophy. Simple things are as powerful as drugs and chemicals, often without the damage. One little question I have is: what did we do in Great Britain before the NHS was established and we could pop to the doctor whenever we had the slightest symptom? The population relied on herbal formulas and medicinal plants which are, in fact, now used in modern medicine. So let’s have some open-mindedness and provide a forum for all the remedies that have been in our heritage for many, many, many years.

I have a little giggle when all of a sudden one of the tabloids decides it’s got a revolutionary answer to a health condition, which turns out to be something we’ve been promoting for years. For instance, that beetroot juice is good for you. Nature really shows us what plants, herbs and foods we need to promote good health, if only we let ourselves be open to it.

Angelica is edible and medicinal. It can be helpful for digestive problems and emotional trauma.