A few weeks ago Kate and I did what we always do each year, a 7 day weight loss detox. While doing this we put new combinations of juices together and sampled delicious tried and tested favourites.

After a couple of initial days of the body slowing to sluggish it soon lifted to high energy and we started to feel great. Kate took a couple of days rest while she processed her detox and added anti-ageing facials, body massages and pampering treatments. It’s important that the girls also share their different treatments with each other. So of course they all had a colonic, a massage and a facial and came out feeling fantastic.

We do the detox each year to remind ourselves of the different reactions the body produces when detoxing. For Kate, it was astounding – the ironing got done in record time and she was doing a two hour walk every morning, cycling four miles to Cranleigh and back on her bike (above) and putting me to shame. So I decided to tackle the stairs – up and down, up and down, up and down – and I have to say that I felt absolutely amazing, ready for the next group of clients to arrive for their 7 day detox!