As I compose this post I’m sitting by the roaring fire as the wind howls outside, lots of white clouds going past at great speed. As we’re at the top of the hill we could be in for a rocky ride, but in true Simply Healing style we’re all cosy and warm – not a day to walk to the pagan altar stone.

The festive season is nearly here! Typically, it’s is a time of indulgence, but we’ve noticed over the last two years that our clients have been taking real control of their health. They come to address their energy levels, their ailments, and to experience how rewarding a Simply Healing detox can be.

So for those of you that want to get into that little black dress, who’ll be busy running from party to party, or mums that are in overdrive: slow down, come and retreat with us and take that well-earned rest before you get hooked back into the demands of everyday life. You can even go the extra mile and do the Essential Plus 7 Day Detox if you need that extra boost.

We know that you can’t be good all the time and we don’t want life to be boring, so if you’re feeling bloated, lacking in energy or stuffed to the top after Christmas, come and see us for our 5 Day Post-Christmas Detox. Read that book, sit by the fire and feel alive and full of energy ready for the new year. Or when the dust settles and everyone’s back to work and back to school, come to us for a pick me up in January and beyond.

Remember, detoxing is not just about weight loss, it’s about energy, me time and indulging yourself. You deserve it!

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