My grandson recently awakened to his inner voice, which he called his ‘gut feeling’. He has now reached 14 and knows almost as much about detoxing, juicing, herbal formulas and mother nature as me (which makes me proud, naturally). The other day he was taking his little dog Poppy for a walk across our fields and through the woods, doing his rounds after a long hard term at school (when he’s at school he can’t wait to get back outside in nature. He has a great interest in how it all works). Having walked the dog he came back and said ‘I had an experience today.’

He told us that the field had been empty (it’s a big 9-acre field and he hadn’t been able to see round the corner of it). His normal walk would have been to cross the field over the stile, then run the dog through the stream so that she’d come back soaking wet and create mini chaos on their return. But he came in quite quiet and thoughtful and told us the story of listening to his gut feeling. Not feeling it, listening to it and deciding to take the long route back. When he was walking he saw that in the bottom part of the field, which had been out of his view, was a very large herd of cows with their newborn calves. We all know that cows are very protective of their young, so if he’d walked into that field it could have been trouble. He was very surprised at how accurate his inner voice had been.

When you’re encouraged to listen to the inner you it gives clarity and security and a feeling of knowing. I could write a book about my grandson and what he gets up to. He loves taking the clients on a woodland walk and they enjoy his company and his knowledge at such a young age. So I’m sure that you’ll hear more about him in the future – and maybe even get to meet him.