It’s not a word I know. Having decided six years ago to hang up my walking boots and pack away my travelling clothes I have been persuaded to retrace my steps in Peru and take another group.

Those who know me will know that in 1990 I began to take small groups of like-minded travellers on an incredible journey from the Amazon jungle through the Andes of Peru to Lake Titicaca. I have enough material to write one or two books on my time in Peru – from the tears and the laughter, to commandeering an aircraft, trying to buy a boat to cross the lake, and taking a shortcut across the mountain with a very precarious drop. But whatever happened, we always managed to get to our destination in time for the ceremonies, and everyone admitted it was worth the trials.

I was invited to dinner recently and around the table were 16 people who had made the journey with me in 2002. All evening the conversation revolved around the highlights of those two weeks of me pushing, pulling, cajoling and scolding (‘How many more hats do you want to buy?’ or ‘Don’t buy those Cocoa leaves, they’ve had it!’ ‘Listen to the Shaman, he knows best’). We spent an amazing evening reminiscing, and I realised that after all those years they had never forgotten their trip to Peru.

I am constantly asked about the Ayahusca ceremonies, as in the very early days I was privileged enough to be shown how to actually make Ayahusca tea and instructed over a period of three weeks on how to understand the power of this combination of plants. My personal views on Ayahusca is that it is a jungle plant and as such is much more potent when taken in a ceremonial way. Somehow the whole spirit of the jungle comes alive and your senses are heightened, and it makes you realise that you are part of this earth that we live in. In my experience, it has nothing but a positive outcome.

What do we mean when we say something is ‘life changing’? That it gives us a better understanding of our position and an insight into all our possibilities. We must start by cleaning out the old with a light detox before leaving and gradually adjusting before the ceremony. I feel very privileged to still be able to work with my team, having found Mateo up in the Amazon in Brazil – he is one of the leading Ayahusca priests. This powerful trip takes in the jungle to Cuzco and goes on to Machu Picchu, offering you the chance to participate in ancient ceremonies and rituals that the Peruvian medicine men still practice on a daily level. This experience can help you discover how to create the future you want.

The adventure takes place from the 17th to 28th October, and there are still places available if you want to join me. Give us a call to find out more on 01403 822117.