When previous guests at Simply Healing send us photos of their treasured babies all you can hear in the place is “oh”, “aah”, “sweet”, “beautiful” “lovely!”. It is always a joy when our clients let us know that they have been successful in conceiving after doing our Fertility Enhancement Plan.

We take great interest for the next nine months until the baby is born and we always look forward to the photos. Over the years there have been so many and the photo gallery is always growing.

I had a surprise meeting when I was out shopping recently. Someone called out “Hello Vivien!” and I have to say it took me all of several seconds to recognise the face. Her words were: “do you remember me?” and I said “I do – the mother of the twins!” who incidentally are now 12 years old – George and Harry. I clearly remember her bringing them to see me when they were about nine months old, her husband and herself being thrilled to have such beautiful boys and to thank me for my support, help and healing.

I have many lovely stories just like this one and it always warms my heart when I know that myself and the Simply Healing team have played a part in another family’s joy.

Spring is in the air and that means another bumper crop will on its way soon!