This morning juice is full of flavour, antioxidants and full of healthy goodness – and will keep you going much longer than a coffee will! How do you like to start your mornings? Let us show you the way!

To make, ‘Simply’ Juice;
2 Green Apples
1 handful of Spinach
1 inch of Turmeric root (or a sprinkle of Cayenne)
1 inch of Ginger
3 Celery stalks
4 Kale leaves
1/2 a Lemon

This energy-boosting juice is rich in manganese, which will help reduce insulin resistance and therefore balance your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. It’s also rich in fibre, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K, thanks to the Celery, Kale, Lemon and Apples.

Ginger is also a natural antihistamine, making it great for those suffering with hay-fever and a stuffy nose. Atchoo!