How different everything looks when we wake up and go to bed in daylight. I don’t know if any of you saw the brilliant golden moon two days ago, which was so bright and beautiful at 4am that one of our guests got up to take a photo. How different life can look when we have more light.

The seasons of light can have a huge impact on the physical body. Increased light has the power to help chase away those old blues – but it also shows up all those windows that need cleaning. We see what we’ve accumulated through the winter days and nights, and what needs addressing.

There are 42 rooms at Simply Healing, so as you can imagine the window cleaning is a mammoth task. But recently those dull windows have had a spring clean and are sparkling.

It’s not just the house that needs spring cleaning, though – the body does too. When you take off your boots and remove those layers of jumpers you may realise that your body has taken on a few pounds and a whole host of toxins. So at this time of year there’s nothing better than to take some time for yourself to give your body back its sparkle.

You can start your spring clean before you arrive. Wake up with a mug of hot water and lemon – it’s the best possible beginning to your spring cleaning regime. Afford yourself a bit of extra time in the morning to enjoy the early sunlight. Make yourself a juice (recipe coming soon).

England’s weather is so changeable that we never know when we’ll need to layer up or peel off. It seems like we’re always trying to decide when to light the log fires and when to open the windows, whether to wheel out the sun loungers or put warm blankets on the sofas… We feel like weather vanes, constantly trying to detect the way the wind’s blowing! But of course we must value the unique climate we have here in England, because the changing seasons bring great beauty. And particularly our little microclimate on the hill at Simply Healing.

And now for some exciting client news. Mother and daughter Caroline and Caelia were detoxing here last week in preparation for Caelia’s wedding day – which is today. They left us glowing on a perfect spring Tuesday, having been rubbed, scrubbed, lotioned and potioned to within an inch of their lives. Caelia said ‘I just hope the weather will be like this on my wedding day’ and I said I’d get my magic wand out for her… And lo and behold, having had two cold days, today the sun shone for the beautiful bride and her future husband, who are getting married in a magical castle not far from here. We wish them lots of happiness and look forward to seeing the photos!

Get ready to sparkle (preferably with these two helping)…