The sunbeds are out under the cherry tree and up on the hill at Simply Healing all is well. Past and new friends have been enjoying the outstanding views across the countryside and taking in lots of nourishing vitamin D. Sipping on a nice cool strawberry and watermelon juice in the sun – what could be better?

Evening walks are the perfect finish to a sunny day. There’s nothing quite like country lanes in the dappled light. So all is well, except for the two lovely sisters who decided to do a late walk without their phones, without a map, without telling us and without filling in the walkers’ book at the front door (naughty)! They went on an adventure, exploring the woodland and country lanes around us. Three hours later in the pitch dark they managed to find their way back. The doors were locked and everybody was sound asleep so after much stone throwing, whistling, singing and calling lovely Kate came to their rescue and soon everybody came to the door laughing and giggling about their adventure.

The tale was told over a lovely juice for breakfast and gave everyone such a great boost and filled the room with laughter. Lesson learned – don’t go out exploring without telling us!

We have some amazing groups that bond in so many ways, and this week’s group is no exception. We’ve got a really interesting mix of twelve people in, all with a common goal – to detox. They’ve been exceptional in their determination to do everything they can to recover their health, to lose weight, to relax and rest – and we’ve had laughter all the way. At this moment they’re fighting over who is going to get the Biodroga Anti-Age collagen boost treatment which is now on offer from the MD range.

We love this product – the visible results are stunning and, like all products in the MD range, it’s natural and paraben free. Watch this space for our results – because who doesn’t want lovely glowing skin like this?