This is the view from our kitchen window. How lucky we are! When the water main burst in Cranleigh the other day (disaster) it meant washing up duties were suspended (not such a disaster…). Peering out of the window past the marigold gloves and washing up liquid we started to daydream, wondering at the scenery. Cherry blossom, pear blossom, apple blossom and the magnolia tree with the old oaks in the background.

Our clients were getting creative in the spring sunshine with their cameras and paint brushes this week. They tell us that Simply Healing is the perfect escape from all the pressures of everyday life. Our guests come from all corners of the world and we tell them that this is England at its best: sunloungers, suncream , stunning views and a good book.

But what a difference a day makes – the next day it’s 60 mph wind, heating back on, logs on the fire, hot water bottles… how do we excuse this offensive change to our weather?

We try to explain that we do have lovely springs (that do last longer than two days) and we’ve been taking lots of photos just to prove that the sun does come out sometimes. Here’s our gallery of pictures of our one perfect sunny spring day here on the hill at ‘Simply Healing’.

These are just some of the views from our bedroom windows in the house. If you go down to the woods today you are sure of a big surprise – all the bluebells and anemones are out, and all is peaceful. The bluebell woods are a sight to behold and are one of England’s unique phenomena.

The cuckoo is out househunting and looking for free childcare. There’s a legend that if you hear the cuckoo at sunrise it brings seven years bad luck. But Kate and I, well, we heard it as the sun was going down so this must mean good fortune…