After reflection on the winter here at Simply Healing it’s clear that laughter is the best form of medicine that we know. We have been, like thousands of other people, dealing with floods. Due to the water we had a power cut – no electricity with a full house of clients – so were improvising in every which way to keep the house lovely and warm, digging out power cables from the old generator which definitely hadn’t been used for at least sixteen years. In the end, lovely Aor’s husband Alan came to the rescue so that we could keep everyone safe and sound and enjoying themselves. I was able to fulfil a childhood ambition to be an usherette, using my torch to guide people from their rooms to their seats in the snug to watch a film. All’s well that ends well!

We were very fortunate that the clients that were here saw the funny side of things and when asked if they would like to leave and come back later said no, we love it – and to our great delight many of them booked to come again later in the year. As normal Kate and I were keeping the home fires going (five fireplaces) with logs galore, making sure that everyone one was snug. I couldn’t be more grateful for our trusty Aga, that kept going regardless for hot water, hot soups and even for drying logs. The team at Simply Healing pulled out all the stops to get to work through swollen rivers, falling trees and debris. So like everyone – oh my God, what a winter! But we have lots of happy memories to fall back on along with the good old British spirit that always gets us through.

And now, we breathe a sigh of relief! Spring’s here – daffodils are in full bloom, there’s blossom appearing on the trees and we have the most wonderful views across the Sussex Downs. And the second the sun’s out, it’s followed by Sahara sand – you couldn’t make it up if you tried!

We’ve been beavering away with our annual spring clean so Kate and I and an army of builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians and anyone else that we could rope in all descended on Simply Healing for a ten day facelift (very appropriate). Our lovely treatment rooms are sparkling and refreshed. As usual I gave my son Dean a tight schedule to work to (to which he always responds: ‘no pressure then, Mum’) and he managed to get his team finished with half a day to spare. Kate and I did a space clear and filled the cars up, then off to the charity shop and the local tip. In came the cleaners, upholsterers and antique restorers and I spent time searching high and low (in my element matching old and new) sourcing some unusual additional items to add to that homely feeling: Egyptian cotton bed linen, throws and duvet covers and all those furnishings that create a cosy detoxing environment for our clients to enjoy. All bedrooms have been tweaked in their individual style.

We have always had our own detoxing plans that are unique to us. Additional programmes have now been added and can be found on our website – including the Menopause Detox. We have had many enquiries about this subject so we have now developed a great new programme that helps put the client on track to self-healing, including lots of back-up and information to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

It is so rewarding for me and the team to receive wonderful feedback that is so positive and upbeat. I am always reminding the girls that all the efforts that we put in for our guests result in great guest satisfaction. We all look forward to welcoming everyone wanting to spring clean their bodies and minds, and lift their spirits. Here’s a recent testimonial from a Menopause Detox client:

‘I came exhausted feeling terrible and am now leaving happy, shining and seven pounds lighter’ PW (March 2014)

Always great to hear!

Stay well this spring,