The seasons come & go & we look forward to Autumn & all it’s beauty here at ‘Simply Healing’ .

Logs are in the wood shed & preparations are under way for our Autumn guests to Detox in the utmost comfort.

There is always a time to Detox whatever the season…….

Rejuvenate after the Summer and re-boost your immunity…..

Summer sunny days make it very tempting to over indulge. Autumn is a good time to get back on track, lose a few pounds and rehydrate your skin. We have found the answer !!! Temple Spa Totally Quenched & Drenched Facial – one and a half hours of re-hydration to replenish all the goodness that the sun the wind & rain may have taken their toll on your skin. Look no further than Temple Spa’s full body moisturising Duvet Cream that will moisturise and sooth your body back to life.
Enjoy 5, 7 or even 10 days with us here at ‘Simply Healing’. We offer our Retreats from Monday – Friday , Monday – Sunday or Wednesday – Sunday plus of course our Weekend stays.