Valentines day is about putting yourself first so start your day thinking about you. Why not start Valentines day with an energising juice or a bowl of fruit. Chose the fruits that you really love rather than what you have left in the fridge. Prepare a little snack for mid morning for example a handful of almonds or grapes. A colourful Salad for lunch and take time out to enjoy. Afternoon break a nice juicy pear or nuts and seeds. Time to go home, get out of those work clothes and put on your casuals and enjoy this juice.

Make this Valentine’s sparkle juice, sit down put your feet up and listen to your favourite music. An ideal day for reflection, we have everything we need in life if only we care to look for it.

1 Honey Dew Melon

2 x Sharon Fruits

1 x Small wedge of Lemon

1 x Small Mango

With a little bit of love from Viv & the ‘Simply Healing’ team