I read with interest yesterday’s article in the Sunday Times Style magazine on Colonic Hydrotherapy, ‘Carry on Colonics?’ On the one hand I am delighted that this ancient cleansing technique, which was first used in 1500 BC and has been in traditional and naturopathic medicine since that time, is getting the recognition it deserves. And on the other hand, disappointed that there are still naysayers who suggest colonic hydrotherapy might actually be bad for you.

From my many many years (this makes me sound ancient, oh dear) of experience and working with our guests at Simply Healing we have no shortage of case studies from clients whose lives have quite simply been transformed as a result of a programme of colonic therapies delivered independently or in conjunction with our juice detox programmes. There is a wealth of evidence highlighting the advantages with improved digestive and immune systems, increased metabolism, weight loss and clearer skin just a few of the health benefits. And our guests at Simply Healing love it because they feel so clean, healthy, light and refreshed afterwards.

We have an incredible team of accredited therapists here at Simply Healing and I am deeply proud of their dedication and expertise and we are always available to discuss a treatment programme that is right for you – and answer any of your questions or concerns.

Our colonic room – comfortable and highly professional