on the 6th July!

As we write our first ‘hello’ blog since The COVID-19 pandemic (with Viv in her hair rollers non the less!), we would like to reassure you that we haven’t been sitting here twiddling our thumbs during lockdown – quite the contrary.

Viv has worked since the ripe old age of 14 so having to take time out has some days felt tough on the mind, body and spirit, so instead of feeling lost and useless, we have instead used lockdown to go through old photos, revamp our kitchen, organise some builders to refresh the house and of course spend plenty of time in the kitchen trying out new juice and soup recipes for you all to enjoy on your return.

We’ve also enjoyed our daily walks (yes Viv too) and it goes without saying that we have also cleaned Alliblaster House within an inch of its life – and it’s not a small house by any means!

Among other things, in preparation for our reopening on the 6th July (subject to the Government’s go ahead), we have also come up with a reduced capacity plan so we can keep to social distancing regulations, and had a major rethink of our programmes – and although detoxing and cleansing is always going to be our speciality – BOOSTING will also be high on our priority list, so we now have a whole host of lotions and potions to help BOOST your immunity, as well as new daily herbal formulas plus we have a gorgeous, amazing new nutritionist on board who’s going to be giving you lots of valuable immune boosting ideas as well as ways to look after organs and make you feel the best possible version of yourself as we head into this new chapter.

So as we await our new guests and you await our doors to open let’s get super excited together – we have a revamped house waiting for you, delicious new recipes and concoctions – and a whole lot of love to help you reset for the new world and find your feet again.

As always please do give a call for a chat (01403 822117) – we can talk you through our plans and prices and talk you through any health and well-being goals that you would like to work through. We are also here to reassure past and new guests that we will be taking the reopening of our doors extremely seriously and providing the best and safest experience possible for us all.

We truly can’t wait to see you soon and for you to enjoy Simply Healing again.

Please visit our website for more details and available  dates – or email for details.