Oh my goodness !! What a lovely surprise we have had on our 20th Birthday, ‘The Telegraph’ gave us an amazing review in their top 50 best Spa and Wellness holidays. Titled ‘Spa Breaks that will change your life’. To read the full article go to: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/hotels/articles/the-worlds-most-amazing-spa-breaks/

Voted number 9 in the world is a major achievement for our family run Detox Retreat that has been a passion and a commitment from Vivien for the last 30 years. To say she has seen and heard it all would be an understatement. Her inspiration comes from the ‘before and after’ of each individual client. Positive, upbeat, laughter and tears are all part of that special something that makes ‘Simply Healing’ what it is. We could write some amazing stories but that will be for Vivien’s Book when she finally slows down !!!!

Vivien has developed along the way a great team of therapists and staff who are totally in tune with what ’Simply Healing’ does. ‘Simply Healing’ tends to attract a lot of clients who need nurturing and support while they are going through the healthy changes in life that they need to make.

‘Temple Spa’ has been a great addition to the programmes with their natural products. Vivien is especially happy that we encourage men to look after their health, once they have had some of Vivien’s magic they are easily converted to look after themselves.

So this is a little story: Kevin came reluctantly with his wife for a 10 day stay who advised us that he wasn’t too sure and probably wouldn’t enjoy the experience. So for warned of this Vivien went about finding if he liked building fires and keeping them going. His eyes lit up and he said ‘yes’ so as we have 4 rooms with log fires and it was cold that week she gave him the job of our ‘fire keeper’ . He then found logs that had not been split and promptly asked for a small axe to do this for her. We are so grateful to Kevin who not only kept the fires glowing but re stocked the log shed. He was thrilled at the ‘Weigh Out’ that he had lost 14lbs so he was a very happy client and his wife was astonished at his commitment once he was here. We find that a lot of the men do like to light fires etc. and we would really like in the future one who would like to clean all the windows !!!! well you can imagine we have 42 rooms here so that would entail a very long stay with us !!!

We are happy to talk you through any of our programmes so give us a call as there is always someone here to chat. Telephone 01403 822117.