I’m an early riser, so how amazing it was to open the curtains as the sun rose and see views like these on a cold and frosty morning. Take five minutes to feast your eyes on the magic of Jack Frost.

Typically, I get up early and head for the first task of the morning at Simply Healing; something I love to do – lighting the fires. There’s something ritualistic and primitive about lighting the fires; it brings out my nurturing instinct… Maybe it’s because I spent many years travelling the world, working with indigenous tribes that understood the power of fire and its ability to transform.

Fires lit, soon our guests come down for their morning supplements and freshly made blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and apple juices (full of antioxidants to flush away those naughty toxins).

Starting their day wrapped up in their winter warmers with a brisk walk, it’s great to see that there’s no resistance and everyone’s happy just to be – life is now taking a slower pace and offering a rare a chance to just relax and enjoy nature at its best. There is no feeling more magical for the Simply Healing team than knowing that our clients feel totally relaxed and happy to be detoxing, knowing the benefits for them will be huge.

And, of course, it helps that we return to cosy up in front of the roaring log fire…