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Terms and Conditions of Booking – Covid 19 Specific


Each booking will only be secured by the receipt of a completed signed Booking Form together with the relevant non-refundable deposit.

Deposits are to be paid over the phone, by credit or debit card, we do not accept American Express.

Upon receipt of your completed Booking Form from all members of the party and deposits the lead customer will be sent a Booking Confirmation letter by email, this letter and this letter only is the confirmation of your booking, until you have received this, no booking can be guaranteed.

Simply Healing Retreats cannot be held responsible for any travel costs, booked before the Booking has been acknowledged in writing.

The balance of your retreat must be received at least seven days before your expected date of arrival.

Any payments that are to be made at the end of your stay, can only be paid for by credit/debit card. We will not be able to take any cash payments at all. Please note that check-out balances cannot be taken from the card details supplied over the telephone, banking guidelines state that if the cardholder is present, payment must be taken from the card using the usual chip and pin facilities, chip and pin machines will be wiped down after each guest. There is a limit on contactless payments, however you can also use Apple pay if you wish to do so to avoid touching the card machine.

At this time, no paper literature including Booking Forms, Welcome Packs or Itinerary’s will be provided. These will all be sent via email. Similarly, we will not be accepting Booking Forms via post.

We will not be able to accommodate any guest that has been identified as being in the ‘clinically vulnerable’ or ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ categories and have been advised by their GP to self-isolate in the past 3 months.

We are unable to take bookings from any guest whose home address is in an area where the ‘local lockdown’ has been declared until the lockdown has been officially lifted. After this, guests may book for arrival no less than 14 days after. For Bookings already made and local lock down is enforced in a guest’s home area, please see the cancellations section.

We will not accept pregnant women on any detox programme.


Guests will have their temperature taken on arrival and then each morning of their stay. Any guest refusing to have their temperature taken, will be asked to leave, with no refunds offered.

At this time guests will not be able to change the allocated room once they have entered, please ensure that all room requirements are discussed at the time of booking, we will endeavour to fulfil these requirements, however cannot guarantee in case rooms have to be reallocated due to extended cleaning requirements. We also ask that guests do not enter any bedroom other than their own.

We are unable to offer shared rooms to guests unless they come from the same household.

In order to maintain social distancing, there may be restrictions on the number of guests that can be in communal areas at any one time. Depending on the number of guests (max 6/8 at this time) it may be necessary for guests to be split into groups for juices, soups and any other activities where guests come into contact with each other. Guests need to stay in this small group and stick to timings that are issued.

Staff members are unable to carry guests’ bags or luggage to/from their rooms.

Guests will be given a time each day that their room will be cleaned, and we ask that they vacate the room to allow for housekeeping staff to enter safely, this should only take around 30 minutes. Rooms will be cleaned every day; guests may not refuse housekeeping staff entry.


Due to GDPR all guests must give their written consent to Simply Healing Retreats Ltd holding their contact details for at least 21 days after the date of departure and that if it becomes necessary these details can be passed to the relevant authorities if:- Another guest or member of staff they came into contact with begins to display covid-19 symptoms. Another guest or member of staff tests positive for covid-19.

If Simply Healing are notified that another guest, or member of staff has been asked to self-isolate, we will notify all guests as soon as is practical. Please check the most up to date guidance on the UK Government website as to self-isolation requirements.


If any guest suspects that they may have developed covid-19 symptoms during their stay, they must stay in their bedroom and advise management ASAP via telephone or email.

In order to contain any infection, ‘Simply Healing’ will carry out a Covid-19 test in house, the cost of which will be passed on to the guest. The cost of the test is £240.00

Any guest testing positive or showing any symptoms will, in accordance with Government guidelines be asked to leave and return to their own home to self-isolate for the required length of time, where possible. They should use private transport but only drive themselves if they are well enough to do so safely, guests should make no stops on their journey home. If the guest cannot return home because they are either not well enough to do so, are unsure they are well enough to drive themselves, or do not have private means of transport, we will have to discuss the situation with the appropriate health care professionals and local authorities. No refunds will be issued for remainder of the pre-booked stay.

Guests who are forced to self-isolate here at Simply Healing will be charged an extra £50 per day until the end of their pre-booked retreat, and from thereon, £250 per day. This amount takes into consideration additional PPE needed for staff and the additional cleaning costs required at the end of stay and compensation for the loss of income from the room being decommissioned whilst deep cleaning takes place. Guests will be asked not to leave their room during the isolation period, juices and soups will be delivered to the room. We will provide housekeeping, cleaning staff will wear full PPE as guests will need to stay in the room, however the social distancing guidelines will be adhered to where possible. Guests will be supplied with cleaning products to do additional cleaning if they wish to.


IMPORTANT Arrivals will be staggered. Guests are to be allocated an arrival time at the time of booking. If they are unable to make this time, they must contact us to re-arrange. Guests will only be admitted at the prearranged time. Guests arriving before their arrival time will be asked to wait in their car until the allotted time and someone will let you know when you can enter the building. All guests will have their temperature taken on arrival and shown to their room.

Where possible we prefer that clients travel using private transport, if it is necessary to use public transport, guests must ensure that they take the appropriate precautions. If taking public transport, we ask that guests avoid travelling through any ‘local lockdown’ areas.

We cannot allow anyone to enter the building other than the pre-booked guest. No family members or drivers will be admitted under any circumstance.

Simply Healing Retreats reserve the right to change arrival times and days as their discretion if necessary. Guests will be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

We are unable to offer changes to the scheduled day/time of arrival/departure at this time. Guests who wish to leave early may do so, but no refunds will be given.

If the guest chooses to arrive late or leave before the end of the retreat, Simply Healing Retreats will not issue any refunds on the pre-booked agreed price.

The retreat finishes on Friday afternoon at 14.30 bedrooms must be vacated by 13.30 and luggage must be taken straight to your car. If waiting for a taxi bags can be left in the porch (weather permitting) or can be stored in bedroom until departure. Drivers and family members will not be admitted to the building.



Cancellations due to Covid-19 related symptoms.
During the covid-19 pandemic our cancellation policy has been revised to reflect the requirements of self-isolation for clients showing symptoms, guests who’s home address is in an area that goes into ‘local lockdown’ or guests notified by that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and they need to self-isolate.

In this case guests can cancel right up until the time of arrival. Any deposit – minus a £50.00 admin fee can be moved to an alternative date only. Please not that we will not refund deposits.

If the full amount of your stay has been paid, we will refund (less the deposit amount). Alternatively, the full amount less a £50.00 admin fee can be moved to an alternative date not less than 21 days from the original date of arrival. A new booking form must be completed.

Non Covid-19 related cancellations.
Once we have received your booking, any cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit amount paid.

Cancellations received less than 5 days before the commencement of the Booking will result in the package price being charged to the client.

In some circumstances, and only with more than 5 days’ notice, although the deposit will be forfeited ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ may carry the balance over to the next available retreat. Only one alternative date will be offered. This is however, entirely at the discretion of the Management team and an admin fee of £50.00 will be charged.


‘Simply Healing Retreats’ reserves the right to cancel your booking and you may be charged up to 100% of the final booking amount if you fail to provide us with a completed signed Covid-19 Secure Booking Form by no later than 5 days before the commencement of your booking. Guests will not be admitted on the day of arrival unless a completed form has already been received and reviewed.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (see below) if cancellation by ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ is necessary, we will endeavour to give the client as much notice as possible and cannot be held liable for any travel costs already incurred by the client.

In the event of cancellation by ‘Simply Healing’ the option will be given to transfer to an alternative date or a full refund will be given.


You must make ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ aware at the time of booking of any pre-existing medical conditions, medication/treatment, allergies and intolerances. As well as any surgeries that have been undertaken in the past 6 months in order that we can assess if there are any supplements that have contra-indications.

In the event that a Client fails to inform ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ of any pre-existing medical conditions or regular medication that they are taking either at the time of Booking, upon arrival or in the Confidential Health Questionnaire, ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ cannot not be held responsible for any health issues/complications that arise from possible contra-indications.


Any client that is found to be:-

Smoking anywhere within the building (please also read Breakages, Damages and Spillage)
Consuming or concealing food or alcohol in their bedroom
Taking or smoking illegal substances
Actively ignoring safety/health guidelines
Undertaking ‘homestyle’ DIY detox supplements or treatments of any kind
Abusing or Misusing of any property of ‘Simply Healing Retreats’

Will be asked to leave with immediate effect, and no refund will be given.

Any client asked to leave for any of the above reasons will no longer be welcome at ‘Simply Healing Retreats’.


Any client that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances upon arrival, or at any time during their stay will be asked to leave with immediate effect and no refunds will be offered.

Rapid withdrawal from alcohol can be extremely dangerous and in some cases life threatening. ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ is not a rehab facility, and we do not have the medical staff on hand to deal with possible withdrawal issues. If you feel you have an alcohol issue please discuss it with us before Booking.


In the unfortunate event that ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ is forced to cancel any programmed detox retreat due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to give the client as much prior notice as possible.

Client cancellations due to Adverse Weather conditions will be considered on an individual basis, and will be determined by the weather conditions local to ‘Simply Healing Retreats’. Cancellation costs as detailed above will be incurred if the Management of ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ feel that it is possible for a client to attend.

In the event of cancellation by ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ due to adverse weather conditions in the local area the option will be given to transfer to an alternative date or a full refund will be given.

In the case that ‘Simply Healing’ has to cancel an individual guest or a group of guests due to Covid-19 risks, the option will be given to transfer to an alternative date. Refunds may be issued at the management’s discretion.

In the case of either of the above situations ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ cannot be held responsible for any expenditure already incurred by the client for travel to or from ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ in the event of unforeseen cancellation. We highly recommend that guests take out the appropriate Insurance to cover themselves for travel costs in the event of cancellation.

In the event of cancellation by ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ you may either transfer your booking to the next available date, or we will reimburse the full amount paid. Only one alternative date will be offered, once this is booked, the normal terms and conditions will apply.


‘Simply Healing Retreats’ reserves the right to change the inclusive elements of the retreat at any given time without prior notice.


Any breakages or damage to any fixtures or fittings on the premises will be charged to the client with immediate effect.

Under no circumstances must Nail Varnish, Hair Dye, Bleach or Tanning products be used. Any colouring found on Tiling, Carpets, Linens or any other fitments will be charged for.

Any Spillages that result in staining on carpets, bedding or furnishings will be charged for. Where possible, ‘Simply Healing Retreats’ will attempt to get the staining removed, however if this is deemed impossible by our cleaning contractors the guest will be liable for the costs incurred by ‘Simply Healing’ in replacing the item like for like.

Breakages, Damage, Spillages/Stains discovered after check the client will be notified in writing and charged to the credit/debit card used for your last payment.

Any client found to be smoking in the house, will be liable to pay a £200 fine in terms with current legislation. An additional charge of £75.00 for the cost of deep cleaning the area the client was smoking in. If a client is found smoking in any bedroom the client will also be charged £200.00 per day for any time that the bedroom is unable to be used.