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Colonic Hydrotherapy

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy, also sometimes referred to as Colonic Irrigation, helps cleanse the colon of gas, accumulated matter and mucous deposits all of which can cause toxins to be absorbed back into your body. Warm water is gently introduced via the rectum, which progressively softens and expels faecal matter and compacted deposits. It’s not a new thing, such techniques were first recorded in 1500 BC and have been used in traditional and naturopathic medicine since that time. Colonic hydrotherapy, unlike laxatives, is not habit forming and actually helps improves the tone and function of the colon, encouraging your body to respond for itself.

To find out more about the function of the Colon and the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy please continue to read below.

What does the Colon Do?

To understand why it is so important to support your colon, you need to take some time to understand the function of the colon and how important a part of your anatomy it is.

One of the main roles of colon (also called the bowel or large intestine), is to recycle body fluids. It reabsorbs the liquids created during the digestive process, both to hydrate the body and to create something more solid that can then move through to the rectum for nature to take its course. When the colon cannot do this effectively (see Peristalsis below) you can experience a variety of unpleasant and sometimes, uncomfortable side effects, such as cramping, bloating and gas and it can also cause constipation and diarrhoea as well as conditions such as IBS.

How does the Colon Work?

In order for the digestive process to work properly Peristalsis needs to occur, this is a series of muscle contractions that occur in waves – like a production line from your mouth all the way through to the rectum. In turn each stage needs to function properly in order for effective ‘gut motility’ when this doesn’t work properly, for instance if something irritates the colon and causes the peristaltic action to work too fast, the liquid doesn’t have time to be reabsorbed properly and will then cause cramping and diarrhoea. Similarly if the action is too slow, the stool doesn’t move through, too much moisture is absorbed, leaving a hard dry stool that will not move effectively causing constipation.

The colon expands and contracts as waste moves through it and during this process mucous which builds to combat irritation and inflammation caused by medication, food intolerances, and poor gut flora, can cause areas to stick together trapping waste in ‘pockets’ which it cannot then rectify during normal movement, the waste stuck in these pockets then slowly breaks down, releasing toxins into your system. This can also restrict the expansion of the colon, causing narrowing which can then lead to further issues where blockages occur and colon function slows further. If motility slows and you become constipated, your body continues to absorb moisture from the stool – moisture that should have already been expelled from the body as it is waste and is therefore not what you want reabsorbed into your system.

Why is Colonic Hydrotherapy so important during a Simply Healing Cleanse?

In order to detox effectively we feel strongly that you have to start from within, you are effectively spring cleaning your body from top to toe, or rather from inside, out! You wouldn’t spring clean your kitchen, but leave a full bin in the corner…

Colonic Hydrotherapy will also help to alleviate any detox symptoms that you may be experiencing, some clients may get headaches, or feel slightly nauseas from the detox and the colonic will help to flush toxins through and speed up recovery.

During a juice cleanse you are already consuming the perfect diet through juices to aid a great colonic treatment, you are also relaxed and rested, which engages the rest and relax response of your Parasympathetic Nervous System and also you are just a short walk from your bedroom and your own toilet facilities in which to take it easy after the treatment.

As the major organ that processes and prepares what we have ingested for removal, it can be a main source of toxins that can be absorbed into the body. Therefore it is vitally important that it functions efficiently and effectively.

Whilst doing a juice cleanse, the body will naturally slow metabolism down and reserve energy. Colonic Hydrotherapy prevents this from happening, it will encourage your body to respond for itself. The introduction of water mimics the movement of a stool moving through the later parts of the colon causing this to stretch this then causes the smaller intestine to shrink, triggering peristalsis to happen.

In addition to this there is a vein system that runs from your colon to your liver. Our entire blood supply completes a cycle through the liver every 3-4 minutes so the hydrating and cleansing effects of a colonic are systemic. In addition to this Colonic Hydrotherapy helps to massage and cleanse the lymphatic system.

In order to achieve maximum detox benefits we give all clients Psyllium husk 3 times a day, this expands as it travels through the digestion and helps to stop you feeling hungry, but is also a fibre that when it reaches the colon helps to open up and expand the colon, helping to loosen any pockets that have formed and take with it any trapped waste. The colonic hydrotherapy helps to move this through so that the client doesn’t get a bloated or full up feeling.

Is a course of Colonics beneficial when not doing a juice cleanse?

It is a great way of ensure that you maintain good gut motility, ensuring that the colon and associated digestive processes are working effectively. Lifestyle choices such as the food we eat, what we drink, stressful work or home life and many other factors can stop the colon from working effectively.

Colonic Hydrotherapy can help with many ongoing conditions such as IBS and its associated symptoms of Bloating and Gas, Constipation, Headaches and Migraines, Joint Aches and Pains, Lower Back Pain and Inflammation. Some people find that regular colonics help them to help ease the severity of their symptoms.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is also a great way of rehydrating the body, whilst flushing out toxins and deposits.

Many people find it beneficial before surgery as well as after surgery when anaesthetic and medications can leave the digestive system sluggish and not working effectively.

Medications such as Antibiotics can cause inflammation that causes mucous formation and also kills off the good flora in your colon, ensuring that the colon works effectively during this time is a great benefit.

Many clients after a juice cleanse will return regularly for Colonics to ensure ongoing good colon function.

When undertaking a colonic hydrotherapy treatment, you therapists will go through a short consultation with you, to get a better understanding of your colon health. The treatment is done in a discrete manner, you will be asked to remove your lower half clothes in the adjoining shower room and given a large towel to wrap around you. As the treatment comes to an end you will be encouraged to spend some time in the bathroom to ensure that all water and waste has been released. Afterwards you are shown down to our waiting area and asked to wait at least 15 minutes before leaving the building. You will be given a colonic aftercare sheet by your therapist, outlining what to expect after the treatment.

Why would I need more than one Colonic?

There are very few people that only need one treatment, the first colonic is generally a starting point, hydrating the bowel and softening any deposits that may be present. From this the therapist can get a good idea of how your colon responds and therefore how effectively it is working. Subsequent treatments along with the juicing and the supplements will allow the treatments to flush through the whole structure of the colon and encourage good bowel function. Think of a colonic as a visit to the gym for your colon.

What is involved?

Using sterile single use equipment, filtered water at a carefully regulated temperature is introduced under gentle gravitational pressure through the rectum using a small tube into the colon. The speculum (small tube) is inserted about 2 inches into the rectum, this has 2 tubes attached to it – one for the waste to be flushed away and a second that allows the clean water to be inserted in a series of ‘fills’.

The water begins to cleanse the colon of faecal matter, parasites and old deposits, which are piped away with the waste water. Working progressively around the structure of the colon the therapist allows water alternatively to flow in and then release. Herbal infusions can be added to relax the colon or disperse gas.

The process should be painless, you will get a feeling of needing a bowel movement – if this feeling becomes uncomfortable the Therapist will pause the treatment so that you can use the toilet. You will then have the option to resume the treatment or not.

If you have been experiencing bloating or gas you may feel some mild cramping, especially where the water reaches pockets of gas you may have, this feeling should ease quickly as soon as the gas is dispersed with the next release. If the cramping becomes too uncomfortable once again the Therapist will pause the treatment to allow you to the bathroom.

The length of the treatment will be guided by how your body responds, the time allotted is around 45 mins, however towards the end of the treatment the therapist will allow you to the bathroom to enable any final releases which will occur once you have got up from the couch and moved around a bit.

What can I expect to see?

The waste tube is clear so that the Therapist can observe what is being released, whilst a colonic is not a diagnostic procedure, the Therapist can tell a lot about your digestion from your stool, whether it is too fast or too slow, and it may be possible to detect traces of conditions such as Candida and Parasites. In some cases long lost accidentally consumed items such as buttons can be observed. The Therapist will give you the option to see the waste tube yourself via a mirror, it is totally your choice if you choose to do so or not.

Can a Colonic effect your good bacteria?

There is of course a natural dilution that will quickly rebuild just as it was before. For clients doing one of our Juice Cleanses you will be getting probiotics through your Detox Support Supplements. We also recommend that everyone takes a month’s supply of a good quality pro-biotic supplement after the treatment to really improve gut flora. In some cases removing old deposits and freeing up the colon can actually help provide a better environment for good bacteria to multiply naturally.

In addition to this it is also possible to add a pro-biotic implant to your treatment (please see below).

How Hygienic is a Colonic?

Good hygiene practices are observed throughout the treatment. The equipment comes in a sealed sterile pack and is single use for each client. If the client has to use the bathroom during the treatment a second sealed pack will be used. All waste is piped directly into the mains waste. The water tank is sterilised at and flushed through at the end of each session. Disposable gloves are worn by the therapist at all times. Disposable couch paper and absorbent couch covering are used for each client.

Extra Services

Here at Simply Healing we rarely use enemas during a treatment, occasionally herbal formulas to help with bloating or colon support can be added to one fill of your colonic, however this is a larger amount of water, which can be harder for the client to hold for a sufficient amount of time for full absorption to occur. Therefore we advocate that if someone does need some extra support that it is done via an Implant after the Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment has finished, by doing it straight after a colonic it ensures that you will get maximum benefit as the colon will be clearer ready for the formulas to be absorbed. We are currently offering both Wheatgrass and Pro-Biotic Implants either individually or together.

Why do we use implants when a person can take both wheatgrass and pro-biotics orally? As standard all clients undertaking a Juice Cleanse with us, do take Wheatgrass and Pro-biotic in capsule form which is the easiest way of administering them, however by taking the capsule orally it has to go through the digestive system and some of the potency is destroyed by the stomach acids. An implant will take the full potency solution directly to where it can be absorbed into the body with the other liquids present.

An implant is done using a very small catheter which is inserted into the rectum after the client has finished in the bathroom following their treatment. The catheter is fed into the colon reaching up to a 3rd of the way round.

The wheatgrass and/or probiotic is suspended in about 60ml of filtered water in a large syringe which in turn is connected to the catheter and dispensed. As with the colonic equipment, the catheter is a single use sterile piece of equipment and the large syringe is sterilised after each implant.

What are the benefits of Wheatgrass?

It is a nutrient dense supplement, packed full of: – iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Amino Acids, Vitamins A, C and E.

Its health benefits include: – Improved digestion, reduced inflammation, improves eyesight – particularly night vision, helps with sleep, boosts immune system, improves nerves and mental wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Pro-Biotics?

Pro-biotics are beneficial in helping your body to restore the good bacteria needed for good gut health, taking them after a meal (capsule form) can also help to alleviate symptoms such as acid reflux and indigestion.


Time Restricted Contraindications

During pregnancy and 6 months post-natal.
Miscarriage up to 14 weeks 3 months 15+ weeks 6 months
Exploratory abdominal surgery such as colonoscopy or laparoscopy 3-6 months
Hysterectomy 6-12 month’s dependant on method of removal
Colon Biopsy 3-6 months
Haemorrhoid removal 3 months
Bowel Surgery 12-18 months dependant on surgery – Dr’s written permission may be required
Heart Attack or Stroke 5 years and thereafter with Dr’s written permission

Total Contraindications (treatment cannot be given in any circumstances)

Active Ulcerative Colitis – where flare ups have occurred within 2 years. If the condition is dormant and you have not had any signs of flare up in over 2 years it may be possible with Dr’s written permission.
Unregulated High or Low Blood Pressure
Angina or any Heart Condition
Severe Haemorrhoids
Some Hernias

If you are looking at booking one of our residential packages and it is not possible for you to have the Colonic Hydrotherapy in your chosen package, due to any of the above, we will discuss with you a suitable alternative treatment.