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Covid-19 Policy

Updated 19 July 2021

We are very pleased that once again we can start welcoming guests through our doors.


All members of staff on site will be undertaking twice weekly lateral flow covid testing.  

All staff members will have their temperature taken on entering the building 

Any member of staff testing positive with or without showing any potential symptoms are asked to stay away, obtain a full Covid Test and then if necessary self-isolate for the recommended period of time. 

Staff are fully briefed and aware of what is required of them in terms of additional hygiene following the Risk Assessments carried out and Governments continued suggestions for close contact services and accommodation.  

For all treatments staff will be wearing at least one form of face covering either a mask or full visor.


Occupancy is limited, with a maximum of 9 pre-booked guests at a time. 

Guests will be allocated specific seating in the dining room we ask that guests stick to this. 

On booking, all guests, not just the lead booker must complete a Booking Form that includes Covid-19 specific safety questions this Booking Form MUST be completed by the guest, not by anyone else.

In order to minimise the exposure of our staff to Covid-19 and to keep everyone safe, it is preferred that all guests undertake twice weekly lateral flow covid testing before and during their retreat and provide us with a copy of the negative confirmation of a test taken a maximum of 48 hours before arrival for our records.

Although the wearing of masks in communal areas is no longer a legal requirement, any guest not providing us with a negative lateral flow test will be asked to wear a mask in communal areas and during treatments where face up on the massage couch.  Therefore, facials will only be booked for clients that are prepared to undertake testing.  Any treatments that include facial massage/mini facial will be altered if necessary to miss out this step where a negative test has not been provided. 

Where possible, it is preferred that guests arrive via private transport.  However where not possible, please consult the current guidelines for safer travel via the following link: Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Arrival times are staggered – guests are allocated a time slot at the time of booking.  On arrival they must not enter the building until that specific time. Guests who are late or early will be asked to wait in their car until we can safely check you in. 

Only the guest may enter the building.  Family members or drivers will not be admitted for any reason.  No visitors are allowed for the duration of the retreat. 

On arrival all guests will have their temperature taken with a hand-held thermometer.  If any Guests have a temperature over 37.8 degrees they will not be admitted in to the building.  They will be asked to return to their car or wait outside and we will retest them after a short time. If their temperature is still raised, they will be asked to return home (even with proof of a negative lateral flow test). 

Guests will also have their temperature taken each morning; any guest that refuses to have their temperature taken at any time will be asked to leave immediately.  

Guests will be asked to take their own luggage to their rooms as staff members will be unable to help. 

On departure guests will be required to take their luggage straight to their car as we are unable to store luggage in the office. 

We ask that after arrival, guests do not leave other than to walk locally.  

Guests will give permission for their contact details to be held for 21 days in case they need to be shared with the relevant authorities should it become necessary due to another guest or staff member showing symptoms of or testing positive for covid-19.  Any guest failing to agree to this will have their booking cancelled with the loss of their non-refundable deposit. 

Guests who develop possible covid-19 symptoms during their stay will be ask to return home.  Full details for this eventuality can be found on our T&C’s.

Any guest who fails to comply with this Covid Policy will be asked to leave.


In addition to our usual high standard of housekeeping, enhanced cleaning protocols will be taking place in bedrooms daily. 

We are using UV Sanitising units in all bedrooms, treatment rooms and communal areas once a day.  

All communal areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day with particular attention given to touch points, for example, door handles and light switches. 

Where items cannot be washed and dried at high temperatures, disposable items will be available where possible. 

There will be no access to shared books, magazines or DVDs.  Guests are required to bring their own and we ask them not to share with other guests and remember to take them home with them.

Access to communal areas will be may be restricted in order for all guests to feel safe. 

Communal areas will be closed to guests at certain times to allow for UV cleaning at least once per day.


Call: 01403 822117