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Pre-Booked Additional Treatments Information

Additional Individual Treatments and Bundles offer you the opportunity to tailor make our detox plans by adding what you want, not what we think you want! They work alongside all packages, and are only restricted on certain packages because of time restraints and the amounts of a specific treatment that it is possible to have over the course of your stay.

Details of which treatments and Bundles are available during your stay will be sent along with the Booking Form. Treatments and Bundles may change so we always recommend that you check your Booking Form if you have stayed with us before.

Additional Individual Treatments

If you are doing one of our more comprehensive detox plans you may feel you only want to add one or two additional treatments to your package. By booking them in advance on your Booking Form you will make a saving on the full treatment price. Additional Treatments booked after arrival will be charged at the full current rate.

What is a bundle?

It’s a way for you to save money by pre-booking multiple additional treatments, this saves you even more money than booking single treatments from the Booking Form at the pre-booked price. Next to the price of each bundle is the amount you save on the full price by booking them as a bundle.

Please note that Bundles are not available after arrival, and must be booked and paid for by the time your balance is due at the latest.

Is there any other benefit for the client?

By pre-booking your additional treatments it enables us to schedule them in a way that will help you achieve the maximum benefits from each and every treatment, and to compliment those included in your package. Because of time restraints and treatment combinations some treatments may not be possible to add after arrival.

What do we recommend?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an amazing addition to any detox package, boosting the Lymphatic System is one of best aides to detoxing, all of our Bundles (other than No. 10) include a 1 hour Lymphatic Massage, however it is possible to book 1.5 hour treatments either individually or 2 – Bundle 10.

Adding two, three or more of any of our massages from our range depending on the length of your stay, makes for a truly indulgent, relaxing retreat.

To achieve the maximum detox benefits we always recommend that you add more colonics, whether it is one, two or even three. Alternatively for those of you that don’t want to actually add colonics but feel your colon could do with some help, why not add colon or abdominal sacral massage (Unfortunately we have been advised that the Abdominal Sacral Massage is not suitable for women that have a coil fitted).

There are also bundles that combine the best of each category, Facials, Massages and Wraps, these offer all round benefits as well as maximum savings.

Recommended Maximum Treatments


Colonics - whilst we feel they are amazing, we are currently unable to offer more than 2 pre-booked colonics, it is possible to add more to your stay where possible after arrival at the full price dependant on therapist availability.

Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage - we don’t allow any client to have more than one full body massage a day. Due to our therapists rotation there are days during some stays where full body massages will be available but we will always let you know if we can’t fit in all your requested treatments.


Facials - Please be aware that if you wish to book more than one facial we recommend that you leave at least 3 days between them. All of our facials use natural botanicals and as such too much too soon may cause an adverse effect. If you have any specific skin conditions that you wish to combat please let us know and we will advise you of the best combination of treatments. If you do wish to book 2 facials we would advise you to choose 2 from the same product line.

Body Wraps

Body Wraps - If you wish to add wraps to your package, we always recommend that you do so beforehand. The Biodroga Detox Inch Loss and Aroma Algae Wraps and REN Detox Wrap have to be left on your skin for 12-15 hours after the treatment and cannot be done on the same day as any other wrap. It is recommended that you leave 36 hours between Detox Inch Loss Wraps so there is a limit of how many you can have depending on the duration of your stay.

If you are unsure about how many treatments to add please ask, we are always happy to help and recommend treatments for you.

Tailor-made Bundles

If you have an idea of specific treatments that you would like to add to your stay, or would like to add multiple bundles, then please give us a call or email us and we are more than happy to put together a tailor made bundle for you.

If you’re just not sure what to have, we are always happy to talk through your requirements and suggest the perfect additions for you.

Further Information

Please remember as per our terms and conditions, once booked additional treatments CANNOT be cancelled. We can no longer guarantee to be able to fit in additional treatments once you arrive, we will always endeavour to do so, but high demand for some of these treatments means that there is sometimes very limited availability after arrival.

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