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Tailor-made & Juice Only Weekend Retreats

These weekends include everything you would expect from a Simply Healing Juice Cleanse, all the same amazing juices and detox supplements. Starting Friday afternoon arriving 4.30pm-6pm finishing 3pm Sunday.

Tailor-made Weekend

This is perfect for those guests who would like to do a shorter retreat and have a few treatments (Saturday only), we are able to offer Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage/Reflexology and Temple Spa Treatments. In addition to the cost of the retreat (see below), guests are required to add a minimum of 3 treatments per person.

Juice Only Weekend 

We also have a small number of weekend spaces for guests wishing to do a Juice Only Retreat, perfect for those that just want to get away from it all and retreat whilst enjoying all the amazing juices and supplements that you would expect from one of our stays without the need for treatments.

For both of these retreats prices start from:-
£495.00 per person (plus treatments if required)

Both of these are available 3 weekends a month, so please check the weekend you want to come is available.


What's Included In Your Stay
  • Colon Cleansing and Support Herbal Supplements, together with Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay.
  • Five Freshly Prepared Fruit and Vegetable Juices throughout the day.
  • Specialised detox soup each evening.
  • Caffeine free detox teas, freshly made herbal infusions and spring water.
  • Group Meditation Sessions.
  • Group Detox Talk.
  • Use of Chi Machine, Treadmill and Toning Plate (from 27/7/2020)
  • Detox Maintenance Booklet.
  • One to One Consultation on arrival.

Call: 01403 822117

Additional Treatments

Click here to view details of additional Treatments & Therapies available to compliment your stay...


Disclaimer:- Please note that we are unable to guarantee results for anyone undertaking one of our Retreats Packages, results can vary greatly from client to client depending on a variety of factors. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT A MEDICAL/REHAB FACILITY AND AS SUCH WE DO NOT OFFER DRUG OR ALCOHOL DETOX.