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Privacy Policy

What information do we retain about you and why?

If enquiring about a Juice Retreat or Individual Treatment via email using our web contact page, or direct email to info@simplyhealingcentre.com we will only retain your basic contact details as submitted with that contact. This may be used by us again for follow up emails, or to contact you with details of special offers, new treatments or updated pricelists for up to 12 months after enquiry, unless that enquiry leads to a Booking in which case we hold your data for a longer period as per our Data Protection Policy. After 12 months your email and contact information will be deleted.

This information which may include your name, contact email address, contact telephone number and details of enquiry, will be stored on our secure email, on a password protected Desktop PC in the main office at Simply Healing. We do not keep any paper records of enquires in any way. Your enquiry and contact information is only accessible by key members of Managerial staff who have access to the computer. No Therapists either Employed by us or Freelance will have access to your details unless it’s necessary to pass them on for clarification on possible contra-indications of treatments.

We will never share your details with any Third Parties.


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