“Well I am feeling like a new me!

I have visited Simply Healing every year for the last six years and it never ceases to amaze me.

The feeling of serenity from the moment you enter the house is amazing. Vivien’s love and healing shines through.

This is a Detox retreat and not really to be likened to a fluffy dressing gowned Spa. The purpose of such a retreat is to rid your body of toxins and rejuvenate your body inside and out. This begins with freshly made juices every 2 hours each made to provide different essential vitamins and minerals and for their antioxidant properties etc.

There are then many complimentary therapies to choose from. Some are of course included in your package and the rest are up to you but guidance is given if requested.

Many of the therapies work long after you leave the treatment room, such as the Detox Fitness Wrap which remains active for up to 15 hours (so best not to shower!) The therapists are trained to the highest standard and they are very aware of the body and its health or lack of.

There are many beautiful rooms and I have been lucky enough to stay in all of them from the Gold to the Blue and on my last visit the Orange Room.

It was once again the most amazing experience and a definite must for those interested in the best possible rejuvenation inside and out.”

LM (September 2012)