“When I came to Simply Healing I was exhausted. I had been caring for a family member through an illness for a few years and not only was my body giving up on me but I had completely lost myself in the process. I knew when speaking to Vivien on the phone that the place was to be my magic tonic and I was not wrong. There were ‘signs’ dotted all around the first day I was there that confirmed I had made the right choice to come. All the staff act so beautifully as a team, even the gorgeous cleaner noticed I was struggling to sleep and left camomile tea in my room for me that night. They are all there to help each other and therefore help you to their best ability. You feel very well cared for and nurtured and are in awe of there amazing skin!!!

There was just enough planned in the day for me with treatments to fill my timetable along with the seriously tasty juices. Never did I have the same one twice in the 7 days I was there. Different glasses were even used to stimulate the taste buds and make them feel special. All staff had so much advice to give when I asked any questions. So knowledgeable about the detox process. The nutritionist clearly was hugely intelligent and embraced her career to the full. No food matters had been missed in all her extensive training. Her talk was full to the brim with useful tips so I booked to see her and came away with the most wonderful program for myself to keep me lifted and in a positive place moving forward. It has even got me off anti-depressants.

I had always been reluctant to have hypnotherapy before but it was on offer and I totally trusted the team so went for it! It was incredible. I came out smiling from ear to ear which I don’t think I had ever done in my whole life. I called my husband afterwards and he said I even sounded different!! Vivien is a truly talented healer. Everything she said in our session was spot on and I have put it all into practice since coming home. I am a changed person now, much more positive and fun loving. That is something my life situation at home had swamped. All the therapists had a gorgeous touch and Kate and Carolyn were so welcoming and kind.

I wasn’t there for a weight loss type detox but certainly a mind one and it certainly achieved that. The concept of detoxing the body and mind made more and more sense the longer I was there (and the vivid dreams I had every night!!). I had so many thought processes that weren’t serving me anymore and the illness at home was less impactful and had improved but I just hadn’t moved on with it. I was stuck. The time at Simply Healing certainly helped me to do that and I will be forever grateful.

Two weeks since leaving, I have come up with a business concept that I will follow through this time with my new found confidence and I have just had my last counselling session. My children see that I am different and my husband loves the ‘new’ person that I am. I have a glow inside that nothing seems to put out and I am protective of it so don’t let rubbish in anymore. I am having juices every day and they feel like a powerful fuel to my body cells each time I have one.

Thank you so much to all of you. I plan on coming back every year just to indulge in the goodness!!.”

Caroline B (July 2013)