“Dear Viv and team, just to say thank you so much for my stay at your retreat. It was the best decision I had made in sometime!!!!! From the lovely, safe warm welcome I received, to my beautiful room, amazing treatments and delicious juices. I would like to say a special thank you to Kate for her mind clearing walks every morning and to Aor with her magic hands, but everyone I encountered were truly lovely and ready with so much advice to take home! I have waited a month to reply because I wanted to see from how well I felt when I left, to how I feel now. Here is my testimonial for you…..

After years of feeling unwell and various operations, I knew I had to take serious action with my body unless I wanted to continue making myself ill. My main op had involved stomach surgery. I felt so much better after this and was sent away and told to follow a very strict pattern of eating to maintain this good health. For two years I did just this and then after another operation and other life events I fell well and truly of the food wagon grabbing everything with me as I fell!!!!! Having never had weight issues as a child or adult before, even managing to lose baby weight after two pregnancies, I arrived at the age of 40 last March looking in the mirror every day at an ever increasing stranger. As the months past and various drastic attempts to lose weight from personal training sessions to protein shakes, the bloated ageing face and body were still staring back at me! I was doing everything to my body I shouldn’t be! I was angry with it!!!! Why was it not behaving like it used to?! I excepted that at 40, two children and various operations had had there effect but this was not the issue. I HAD HAD enough!!!!!

Early November 2013 I decided to take action. I knew my body was supposed to be fed a predominantly liquid or soft, clean diet for my stomach to function at it’s best. I thought I needed a serious detox. I don’t drink, but at a very bloated size 14 I knew this was not how I should look or want to be. After lots of research on the Internet I decided the Simply Healing Detox retreat was the right place for me. Many retreats came with boot camp style packages etc but I knew I needed time out and peace and quiet to re-set myself. It was a big decision to leave my husband and two children for the 7 day retreat, but the right one.

From the moment Viv opened the door to me I knew I was in the right place. I felt safe and warm. I was shown to my room, the beautiful blue room, and left to settle in…. The programme over the next week was very clearly laid out, timing juices, treatments etc to perfection. Everything felt like it had been very carefully planned out to get the very most out of my stay.

Each morning started with a walk after a cup of hot water and lemon (my new morning staple!) in the beautiful countryside guided by the lovely Kate, who was so interesting to listen and speak to. The rest of the day was then filled with lovely treatments (the lymphatic drainage massage being my favourite) and an amazing variation of fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day! Absolutely delicious, even the green ones! The day ended then with a meditation session (why was I so sceptical) that totally cleared the mind of stress and replaced it with amazing clarity followed by a yummy soup or broth. Talking of clarity….. I have to at this point mention the colonics. I had 4 during my stay. Never have I done something that has had such a beneficial effect on me physically or mentally!!! The week before I came to the retreat my GP had told me my bowel was very impacted and in spasm. I looked grey, bloated and toxic! The physical release of all that old toxic matter in my body was the most mentally clearing experience for me also. I cannot believe I did not do this sooner!!!!! This process and feeling instantly better and more relief, experiencing a physical high, after them helped me to think of my body in a totally different way. Seeing all that old matter released why had I been angry with my body and punishing it. Instead of being angry at it for the meningitis, stomach op, gynae op etc, I realised I should be treating it like a goddess!!!! It was a strong body that had survived meningitis and my stomach operation and related problems. Given birth to two big, strong healthy daughters. I should be loving this body!!!!!! Yes, it’s a bit battered round the edges but it is deserves to be treated with love and respect.

I walked out of the retreat not only just over a stone lighter but mentally clearer and happier than I had felt in years. I can honestly say I think it showed in my face. I have had lots of comments how much younger I looked, that my skin looks better and that my eyes are clear and sparkly!

At this point I would like to mention that all the people working at the retreat I came in contact with we’re amazing. All so lovely and thoughtful and I returned with a mental notebook full of advice. Also, I was truly lucky to spend my retreat with the the loveliest ladies. We were all there for different reasons but we bonded so well and they really helped me get through my time there. I wish them all the very best with their futures. Well…. That was one month ago and the Christmas holidays were looming. I LOVE Christmas and having my children at home for the holidays. I was so pleased I detoxed before the holidays as I hate to think how I would feel now otherwise!!!! I have continued to lose weight. Nearly another stone gone, become a juice addict (love my juicer!!!!), have realised how accommodating family and friends are if you explain your dietary needs in advance of their dinner parties and get togethers, 2014 will be the year of yoga, Pilates, swimming and calm instead of being shouted at in loud, aggressive exercise classes or pt sessions and that I am stronger and more determined than I ever thought I could be to look after me! Now I know the Simply Healing Retreat is there I have nothing to fear as I know I can always return if I need a hand to keep on the right path again and to NEVER feel again how I did when I first arrived there.

I wish you all at the retreat a very happy and healthy 2014. Thank you!!!! xx”

B W (January 2014)