“Hi Everyone, I hope my email finds everyone well and happy. I needed to write to tell you about my life since I left Simply Healing. Early this morning I visited my mother. We’ve always had a very difficult and tense relationship, unable to talk, listen and enjoy one another’s company. There was always such resentment, frustration, anger and confusion between us. For many years I felt betrayed by her and unloved.

At Simply Healing I had the most amazing healing experience with Viv. This may all seem cheesy but this is what truly happened. During my healing, years of anger, hurt, shame and confusion were replaced with feelings of light, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness and love. I was filled with good feelings till I was bursting. For many years I had received therapy and as a clinician knew theories and treatment methods but something very special happened at Simply Healing that changed my life. Viv spoke with me, listened and understand instantly my struggle and pain, and through her healing something very deep shifted. I’m not a young woman and I thought I was well beyond change of this kind but it happened, I left Simply Healing a different woman.

Today for the first time that I can remember I was able to sit with my mother and talk with her, woman to woman. The room was filled with love and honest emotional connection. I told her that I forgave her, my father and my uncle and I said this not just from my head but from my heart and soul. I meant it. I told her how free and new I felt.

She said she was sorry for all that had happened when I was a child and how burdened she was with the past, how regretful she felt and that she had an ache in her chest, near her heart, that wouldn’t go away. I held her and told her that I understood her choices, that I fully forgave her and loved her and I meant it. I said that if I could share this wonderful new feeling, this gift I have inside me, I would. We hugged one another on her doorstep and I said bye and headed home. For years my mother and I hadn’t been able to listen and talk with one another without anger getting in the way but today we crossed a bridge. Today we laughed and cried together.

I want to thank Viv, Kate, Carolyn, Helen, Florence, Natalie, April and all the other very special souls who work at Simply Healing. Each therapist (and the Cleaner whose name I can’t remember) without exception taught me something important, gave me a pearl of wisdom and I have come away feeling stronger, grounded, lighter, braver, positive and hopeful about my future. I actually like myself. Ha. Yes, I’m okay. In fact, I’m more than okay, I feel great. I’m on my journey and the future (for the first time in years) looks great and to add to my amazing experience I also lost 10 lbs in weight. Thank you so very much. xx”

Jacquelyn (May 2015)