“A life changing experience. A house that hugs, warm, welcoming professionals, beautiful room, simple, clear, routine, secure environment. Never a doubt it will work; goals will be met and results will be on-going. What happens here cannot be explained by mere words and it remains to be seen if others will understand on “the outside”.

Viv and Kate you know how special you are. You have set me on a journey, the beginning of which has brought me a peace, excitement and sense of purpose the like of which I have not felt in a very long time. I am a long way from home but there are glimpses of the path and I am no longer lost.

Mentions please for Layla who has me hysterical with laughter, Nikki and her magic touch, Natalie who must be recaptured and to the very special Carolyn who not only exudes “goodness” but gave me an education above and beyond. Thank you all.”

Lynda (January 2016)