“The Enchanting Detox Retreat… I have just returned from a 5 day Inch and Weight Loss Detox Plan – something I entered into with trepidation and visualising a harsh regime of lemon and water and a few juices daily and wishing the next 5 day’s of my life away, I knew it wasn’t going to be a “Champneys” but I needed the “discipline” of no food or temptation to give my body the reboot it so desperately needed and I was prepared to endure these 5 days spent with like minded strangers in isolation…….I could not have been more wrong.

I approached this beautiful country house in complete rural countryside. I let myself in as the porch door was open and was welcomed with a beautiful log burning fire in a homely reception hall, I felt I had just walked into someone’s home, and I was sure my SatNov had let me down! Fortunately this lovely lady arrived and welcomed me by name, took my bag and showed me to my room up a very stately staircase. My room was so cosy and comfortable overlooking the garden and fields I began to feel perhaps this won’t be so bad as at least I have a lovely room with all amenities to retreat to in between juices! I had bought books I had been wanting to read for a long time and this would be the ideal time.

I was given my timetable for the various inclusive treatments and a few extra I had booked, my timetable for juices and my initial consultation with Kate to discuss my reasons for being there and have my blood pressure taken, weight and sugar test. I changed into the bathrobe provided and duly arrived to meet Kate. What a charming kind person she was and immediately I had a rapport with her and we discussed how to get the best out of the next 5 days.

After it was time for my first juice and I made my way to the “dining room” where an amazing juice which included spinach, celery and peppers awaited me, it was like drinking nectar and slowly my mind started to allow myself that possibly this place will not have to be endured but perhaps enjoyed! Over the next 5 days I enjoyed a gastronomic array of juices 2 hourly until 7.30pm when a very welcome and tasty soup was provided to send you to bed.

I actually enjoyed my colonics as they were helping me feel so much better combined with the treatments that all complimented each other. The therapists are true professionals, explaining everything they were doing or applying and I came away with so much knowledge.

As for my lovely cosy room which I envisaged spending the days in reading my books… well that just did not happen. The beautiful large lounge with a roaring fire and comfy sofas was irresistible and invariably there would be someone there to share a herbal tea with and have engaging conversations and laughter – It was a home from home, although a tad grander than mine, so calming and quiet – I never heard a vacuum cleaner or saw anyone cleaning, but the place was spotless, even our rooms serviced whilst we were at treatments.

The amazing Vivien was very much a presence and her kindness and knowledge and stories of her life were amazing – truly a very unique and inspiring woman…. I cannot believe how lucky I was to discover this magical place. I did not want to leave, I did not miss food at all and my feeling of wellbeing together with the bonus of losing 8lbs made me realise I never want that person I was when I arrived back in my life, and I know she will not return as I have so much knowledge and great juice recipes along with Vivien’s Words of wisdom – I have never felt so positive and forever grateful to Simply Healing. If you get the opportunity to spend a few days there, you will never regret it.”

P McH (January 2019)