Beautifully Soul-fuelling”

I have just returned home from a seven day detox retreat at Simply Healing and I could not recommend them enough!

With all Covid precautions in place, (temp checks, masks, Perspex screens to divide the spaces yet enable us all to get to know each other and UV cleaning in rooms as well as antibacterial wipes for anything we touched), I felt safe and protected. As soon as I was shown to my room, which would be my sanctuary for the week, I was easily able to relax right from the start.
All the treatments I had were fantastic! I was somewhat anxious about colonics (who wouldn’t be) but both Katie and Carolyn were just so totally lovely and really enabled the healing to come. Detoxing is not easy, but to cocoon yourself with wonderful treatments and in such beautiful and homely surroundings makes it all about self care.

Vivien’s guided meditations in the evening helped me along that journey and I was able to do some deep reflection during my stay.

I found the juices and soups were totally delicious so clearly full of all the good stuff we needed and along with the regular psyllium husk treatments, hunger was kept at bay.

My first day back at work today and I have been able to put all their good advice into practice. It has been like a deep breath of fresh air! Everyone in the centre was so supportive it really has been a life changing and amazing experience.”

RA (October 2020)