“Pain free at last”

I’ve been suffering from digestive problems for about a year. I’ve had numerous appointments with specialists in the hospital. I’ve had cameras inside me and had multiple MRI scans all resulting in nothing. I had enough and decided to take matters in my own hands and I found Simply healing.

The entire team was wonderful from Vivian Kate Caz Sharon, I would just like to say a huge thank you, I’m virtually pain-free after your guidance and treatments. Thank you for taking the time in helping me.

Hey guys, with regards to weight loss, my biggest concern as a Man who hits the gym often was would I lose muscle as it’s juice and soup for 5 days so there’s not much protein etc well let me tell you. I had nothing to worry about.

This is now a day after me being back from the retreat with myself on my scales at home which has the ability to show additional info for weight, muscle bones, water intake, BMI etc and I am astonished at the results.

My muscle has actually gone up !! even though my weight has come down. Overall I lost just over 8 lb in the five nights that I stayed, my body fat percentage has come down from around 19% to around 16%. And my muscle has gone from 41% to 42%.

Remarkable results In such a short space of times

Please note that I have a huge appetite as well as a horrible sugar problem, but never once did I feel hungry whilst being on the juice fast !! I though what when others wrote the same that it can’t be true but it is I assure you.

The therapies here are some of the best I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure to use, simply tiptop amazing professionals.

I’m extremely grateful to Vivian in the team and I’m so fortunate that fate brought us together.

Keep helping and healing team 🙏🏽

Dalvinder (Nov 2023)