“A warm welcoming detox retreat that truly works”

What can I say except THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Viv and all her team.

From the moment I walked through the door Vivien, Caz & Kate made me feel not just welcome but cacooned, like I had come to a place of kindness and healing. This is not a trendy spa retreat – this is detox and healing at its very best but with the added advantage of it being in total comfort and beautiful surroundings.

I arrived, exhausted, emotional raw and completely toxic and left 7 days later not only 4.5kg lighter but emotionally lighter.  

What was it like: I went through all the stages of detox: headaches, flu like symptoms, breakouts and then like a light shone on me the mental fog lifted, the weight dropped and my energy levels returned.

Viv did some deep emotional healing and I enjoyed a range of treatments, including colonics which were all amazing but I would definitely recommend the drench & quench facial, the detox wrap and the reflexology.  

The juices were beautiful, clearly made fresh and thick and filling I never felt hungry. The Psyllium & clay I wont lie is an acquired taste but does what it says on the tin. Stripping out the toxins.

My bedroom was my sanctuary and was exactly what I needed to relax see photos, bed & linen that you sink into and relax, a helpful desk for me to check emails. The en-suite was again lovely with a bath to soak or a shower to invigorate and that all important private toilet! 

I was with 3 other guests when i arrived and then 2 others joined. The joy of Simply Healing is that everyone here is here for their own positive agenda so we laughed and listened to each others stories and just enjoyed the company whilst working on ourselves.

I will definitely come again.

Alex B (May 2024)