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Below is a list of wonderful comments left by previous detox guests…

Testimonial 2020 AD

Truly life changing – I could not recommend it enough.

I’ve just completed my first two week stay with Vivien and the team and have returned home feeling the best I’ve felt in years. 17 pounds lighter but most importantly filled with hope and excitement for a life that will no longer be limited by pain and exhaustion.

Simply Healing show you love and kindness from the offset, literally my first phone call where I could have easily chickened out but was completely reassured (thank you Lisa you are wonderful!). All of the team are so knowledgeable about health and well being and have provided me with answers and knowledge that countless specialists have failed to help with over the years. They understand and have experience helping people with fibromyalgia (along with many other things, this is just what I needed help with), something most doctors just google in front of you, and instantly recognised the signs of two other viruses that they later confirmed with blood tests. I’ve never felt in safer hands and urge anyone that is struggling with ill health, pain or feeling generally unhappy in themselves to put themselves first and book now, you won’t regret it.

The house itself is warm and cosy. The grounds are gorgeous. The daily evening meditation has completely moved me and converted me to a fan. The juices are so much better than I expected, some are truly delicious! The treatments cater to your every need, if your body needs pampering you can get it, I had a divine quench and drench facial by Louise. But most importantly your body will have what it needs. I had two amazing osteopath massages from Connor, many colonics, which are not terrifying and actually rather fascinating, thank you Carolyn and Katie for putting me at ease during these and simultaneously teaching me SO much about nutrition and Rebecca treated me to the most incredible reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage appointments, she’s so calming and talented, I nearly fell asleep in one of lymphatic drainage treatments which is incredible for someone who usually cannot relax of sleep!

Vivien and Kate are an inspiring duo and along with Caz, Lisa and all the members of the team I didn’t have the opportunity to meet, they really have created a magical, life changing experience for their guests. Every single person I’ve met during my stay has helped or supported me in some way, taught me so much and put me at ease when I was finding things tough. I cannot wait to see everyone again in a couple of weeks!

I will never be able to thank then all enough for bringing answers and hope to my life again!”

AD (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 W

My third visit and I would thoroughly recommend it.

The amazing Vivien and her very professional team, do all they can to help you achieve your goals, whether detox, weight-loss or a general health reboot. The juices, cleansing herbs and husk, all are part of the treatment, linked with the colonics and specific treatments, which are included in your package. I like to have extra treatments and here are my recommendations, Hot Stone massage, the best one I have ever had by Rebecca, a truffle and champagne facial by Louise, the facial massage is wonderful, the aromatherapy massage using bespoke essential oils chosen by you and Jane the aromatherapist, to ensure it helps with your needs/wants and lastly a foot and leg massage by Rebecca again. An added plus this year was one to one Individual Yoga with Jane. Obviously to keep her staff and clients safe from Covid, Vivien has implemented some thorough sanitizing routines. When you book everything is explained in various attachments and on arrival there are information sheets, that explain everything.

I was lucky to have on my 12 day stay, 2 groups of wonderful people, juice and soup times were great, the conversations flowed.

I will be returning and a big thank you to Vivien and her marvellous team who nurture you.”

W (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 AM

A comfortable way to detox in a nurturing environment

I chose Simply Healing as it is just a short drive from London and with the current travel restrictions it was an easy option.

I did the 5 day juice cleanse and I am leaving feeling energised and ready to kickstart a new healthier regime. I never felt hungry and the staff are all very warm and encouraging.

I loved the private yoga sessions, the cellulite busting treatment, I even learned to like the colonics and feel their benefits.

I’ve detoxed at some of the best retreats in the world, Mayr Clinic, Chenot, The Sanctuary in Thailand and this has delivered the same feel good feeling I had when I left there, at a fraction of the cost.

I met some lovely people and will remember my time fondly.

Thanks to all the staff for making my stay special.”

AM (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 R2

“This has been absolutely amazing – beautifully ‘soul-fuelling’. Thank you so much. x”

R (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 FW

“Never thought I would do it. Back next year. Thank you.”

FW (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 X & G

“Such a wonderful relaxing time, nice walks, lost 10lbs and good company. Loved Vivien. Great Hosts.”

X & G (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 FR

“The most relaxing, friendly, caring easy-going detox I’ve ever had.”

FR (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 CD

“Life changing experience thank you Kate, Jane, Carolyn, Louise, Rebecca and most especially to Viv for a brilliant week! Added bonus all our lovely friends that we made on our journey!”

CD (October 2020)

Testimonial 2020 R

Beyond special!

I have just returned from a week’s stay here and words cannot describe fully what a very special place this is. Viv and her team offer an extremely well researched and thought out detox programme alongside treatments of the highest quality to ensure maximum weight loss. I have come home a stone lighter and feeling truly cleansed and rested. I cannot recommend a stay here highly enough. I know this won’t be my last visit. The return rate is extremely high and there are very good reasons why they achieve this.”

R (September 2020)

Testimonial 2020 PC

Excellent, Revitalizing Magic!

This was my first stay. I can’t thank Vivienne and her staff enough. A fantastic stay with a wonderful bunch of fellow detoxers. We laughed our way through this deeply restful and life changing experience in the comfort of a beautiful house and grounds. Unbelievable to think you can achieve this in our present Covid world but the retreat was spotless and super Covid alert. I never worried once about it. In fact it was great just to step away from that for the week. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Simply Healing.”

PC (September 2020)