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Below is a list of wonderful comments left by previous detox guests…

Testimonial 2019 HC

“Thank you all for giving me back my Mojo!! Leaving feeling so much better after all the loving energy xx”

HC (January 2019)

Testimonial 2019 VH

“Most relaxing and restorative Retreat and such brilliant people xxx – Thank you!”

VH (January 2019)

Testimonial 2019 EV

“Fantastic experience! Will certainly be back – Thank you!”

EV (January 2019)

Testimonial 2019 CC

“What a wonderful start to the year! I feel I have reclaimed my body. Thank you and ’til next time.”

CC (January 2019)

Testimonial 2018 T & CB

“Many thanks for the hospitality and the Retreat – we will come back.”

T & CB (December 2018)

Testimonial 2018 MMS

“Fantastic experience – amongst knowledgeable and caring professionals.”

MMS (December 2018)

Testimonial 2018 CDS

“What can I say – this was a life changing experience. Thank you all so very much.”

CDS (December 2018)

Testimonial 2018 LK

“Indescribable and absolutely wonderful! Everyone so caring and kind. Thank you all.”

LK (December 2018)

Testimonial 2018 PH

“Wonderful, as ever. Thanks for recharging me on all fronts. See you soon!”

PH (December 2018)

Testimonial 2018 PJ

“The most amazing, informative, calming, relaxing & worthwhile weekend ever!”

PJ (November 2018)